How To Determine A Man's Sexuality

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How To Determine A Man's Sexuality
How To Determine A Man's Sexuality

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Many scientists are trying to figure out the connection between a man's external data and his sexual capabilities. Psychologists are also constantly developing tests that could calculate male sexuality even before the start of a relationship. So how, when you first look at a man, determine his sexual ability?

How to determine a man's sexuality
How to determine a man's sexuality


Step 1

The first test is based on statements by US scientists. Look closely at the man. The more he looks like a monkey, the higher his sexual abilities. To assess the similarity, scientists have even introduced the term "primacy". So, the more he looks like a primate in appearance, the closer his genetic connection with nature and the higher his sexual activity.

Step 2

The second method of determining sexual ability was developed by Canadian scientists. Pay attention to the man's hair color. If he is dark-haired, then in bed games he always strives for leadership, has a rich erotic fantasy.

Step 3

The blond has a more modest temperament, prefers a calm, even relationship without unexpected surprises.

Step 4

Brown-haired people combine the features of both blondes and brunettes, so it is impossible to predict their behavior in bed. Men with stiff hair are more sexually active.

Step 5

The third method also provides some insight into male sexuality. Since ancient times, many women have assumed that the length of a man's nose is directly related to the length of his manhood. To date, scientists have denied this. But nevertheless, they propose to determine the sexual activity of a man by the shape of the nose. Take a closer look at the nose of the chosen one. If he has a Roman profile, then this speaks of his arrogance, he likes to be the first in bed, but at the same time he is conservative and does not try to invent something new.

Step 6

Men with fleshy noses are lucky in love affairs. Sometimes even so much that they forget about their family responsibilities.

Step 7

Snub-nosed men are kind, soft, but in bed without initiative, although reliable in family relationships.

Step 8

The aquiline nose indicates the high temperament of its owner.

Step 9

And one more way, it is rather psychological. Treat the man to the wrapped candy and watch him unfold it.

Step 10

If he quickly ripped off the wrapper and threw it away, it means that he loves quick sex without any foreplay.

Step 11

If he puts various figures out of the wrapper, then he will be inventive in bed.

Step 12

A man stretches the wrapper in different directions - most likely, he will be insecure in bed.

Step 13

If he gently smoothes the wrapper, then it will be gentle in bed.

Step 14

Having familiarized yourself with these simple ways, you will learn a little more about a man at the first meeting. And then, having got to know each other better, you can confirm or refute the evidence of scientists for yourself.

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