How To Get A Temporary Tattoo

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How To Get A Temporary Tattoo
How To Get A Temporary Tattoo

Video: How To Get A Temporary Tattoo

Video: How To Get A Temporary Tattoo
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Many people want to decorate their bodies in an unusual way. One of the ancient ways to decorate the body is a tattoo, but its drawback is that this change is irreversible, and therefore not everyone decides on real tattoos. However, there is an alternative - temporary tattoos, which without affecting the skin will help you look even more unusual than usual for a while.

How to get a temporary tattoo
How to get a temporary tattoo


Step 1

To create a temporary tattoo that will last from a week to two weeks, use a method that has been known since the times of ancient India, and is still used there, spread throughout the world - apply a henna tattoo.

Step 2

Take a small amount (20-30 g) of quality natural red henna without impurities and sift it through a fine sieve or silk cloth.

Step 3

Squeeze the juice from two lemons and dilute the henna in a quarter cup of lemon juice. There is no need to add water - for the color to develop, henna needs an acidic environment, which will be provided by lemon juice.

Step 4

Stir the henna in the juice until the consistency of thick sour cream, tightly close the container with the paste with a plastic bag so that air does not penetrate, and place in a dark and warm place for 12 hours.

Step 5

Over time, add a spoonful of sugar and a couple of drops of eucalyptus or tea tree oil to the mixture. If the mixture is too thick, add more lemon juice to it. Wrap the container tightly again and leave for another 12 hours. In total, the pasta is cooked for a day.

Step 6

To apply henna to the skin, think over the pattern in advance and use a toothpick or cellophane cone with the tip cut off.

Step 7

Before applying the pattern to the body, degrease the selected area of the skin and dry thoroughly. Correct drawing errors immediately with a cotton swab, otherwise the absorbed paint will not be reduced.

Step 8

Immediately after application, the drawing will be pale orange, but after a while it will begin to darken and within two days the drawing will take on a reddish brown color. The rougher and drier the skin, the brighter the pattern will be - therefore the palms.

Step 9

When the pattern is dry on the skin, blot it with a cotton pad dipped in a mixture of sugar and lemon juice to set the henna in place and enhance the appearance of the color.

Step 10

Do not touch the applied drawing for several hours, but it is advisable to leave it overnight and remove the dried henna only in the morning, cleaning it off with a cotton pad with lemon juice.

Step 11

To keep the henna pattern for a long time, protect it with oil from the sun and household chemicals, and do not apply peels and scrubs on painted skin.