How To Make A Tattoo

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How To Make A Tattoo
How To Make A Tattoo

Video: How To Make A Tattoo

Video: How To Make A Tattoo
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Tattoos are more and more included in our life. The younger generation is especially fond of them. Statisticians say that now there is one tattoo for every 10 people. The term "tattoo" means a drawing applied to the body. Depending on the means chosen for its application, the types of tattoos are also different.

How to make a tattoo
How to make a tattoo

Temporary tatoos

The information below will be useful for beginners.

The phrase "temporary tattoo" speaks for itself. This is the easiest and easiest way to tattoo. This pattern stays on the body for 10 days, then begins to fade and wash out.

Iranian henna is used for temporary tattooing. It is diluted with water in the right proportion and applied to the body with a brush.

Also, when applying a pattern with Iranian henna, it is possible to use a stencil pattern that is printed on paper. The stencil can be applied with a brush. These accessories are commercially available.

If you are not sure that you need a tattoo that you cannot part with, there is no need to rush to the salon to the master. First, collect all the available information about this procedure so that you do not regret it later.

A temporary tattoo can be done at home. Permanent make-up, a cosmetic procedure performed in beauty salons, also belongs to light tattoos. For its implementation, special paint is also used. Another name for tattooing is permanent makeup.

With the help of tattooing, you can draw the outline of the eyebrows, lips, eyelids. In this case, a special paint in a tube or a special pencil is used.

The need for a tattoo arises if you need to correct your appearance. The master should be especially careful when performing permanent makeup on the eyelids in order to avoid unwanted complications.

A very simple way to apply a temporary tattoo: a translatable drawing with already applied paint is used. The picture is moistened with water and pressed against the body for 10 minutes. Thoroughly smoothes, excess moisture is removed with a towel or cotton swab. The drawing is transferred to the body.

Permanent tattoos

A completely different situation arises when applying a real, permanent tattoo. Young people (they are mainly fond of tattooing) should clearly understand that once the applied drawing will remain with them for life.

Remember that scientists have established: a tattoo that carries a certain meaning is reflected in the fate of a person. It can help, or it can ruin your destiny. Approach this choice responsibly.

The reason for this is that such a tattoo is applied with special ink and special needles into the subcutaneous layer, into the subcutaneous fatty tissue. It will be possible to remove it only with the help of radical measures - you will have to remove the entire damaged layer of the skin. After such manipulations, a scar remains at the tattoo site in most cases.

In addition, this type of tattoo requires special care: you cannot sunbathe a lot - the drawing fades. This tattoo needs to be renewed periodically, which means re-applying it, and the procedure is quite painful.

If you are still determined to get a permanent tattoo, choose the design carefully.