How To Open A Portfolio

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How To Open A Portfolio
How To Open A Portfolio

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A portfolio is an essential attribute of a business person. One of the elements that do not define, but significantly affect its design, is its lock. The safety of the contents of the product also depends on it - the more reliable the lock, the more difficult it is to open the briefcase.

How to open a portfolio
How to open a portfolio


Step 1

One of the most common locks is magnetic. In this case, it is enough just to close the briefcase by placing one side of the lock on the other, but it opens very easily. Such locks are more decorative than functional - if the contents of a briefcase weigh a lot, then it can open itself without assistance.

Step 2

Rarely, but still occurring, is the lock, made in the form of two balls, welded to the metal frame of the briefcase cover. To open such a lock, it is enough to apply force in one direction to one of the balls, while pressing the other in the opposite direction.

Step 3

Another option is a latch lock. In order to open such a lock, you need to pull a special button to the side. This type can also be equipped with a magnet for more convenience. Often, briefcases are equipped with a lock, which requires a special key. In this case, the reliability of the device depends on where the lock is located. If it is on the very edge of the briefcase lid, it can be easily ripped off, but if it is sewn in at a distance of two to three centimeters from the edge, it is quite functional and reliable.

Step 4

The latch lock can also be completed with a digital code. In this case, it is opened not with a key, but with a set of a special combination on the spinning reels. Having lined up the necessary numbers in one line, you can open it.

Step 5

One of the most reliable is the lock, which consists of a latch placed on a metal frame, a digital code and an additional blocker opened with a key. In order to open this portfolio, you need to spend a lot of time - first you need to pick up the digital code, then open the portfolio with a key and only then move the latch.

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