5 Rules For Choosing Foundation To Help You Choose The Perfect Tone

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5 Rules For Choosing Foundation To Help You Choose The Perfect Tone
5 Rules For Choosing Foundation To Help You Choose The Perfect Tone

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How to choose the right foundation for your skin type and tone. Top 5 rules for making the right choice in the store

choice of foundation
choice of foundation

Creating beautiful makeup depends not only on the skills of the makeup artist, but also on the selection of the right cosmetics. First of all, you should think about the correct choice of tonal means. This is the basis of any make-up, regardless of the type (day / evening).

  • Refreshes and evens out the skin tone of the face;
  • Hides some age-related changes on the face;
  • Disguises defects;
  • A correctly selected product complements the effect of skin care cosmetics.

Skin type

Before buying a tone, you should find out what type of skin you have and choose a product in accordance with it.

  • The matte finish is great for combination to oily skin.
  • Dry skin requires a moisturizer.
  • For normal, you can choose a tone with a matte or radiant effect.

Format and texture

Traditional creams are dense in texture. If a light coverage is required, then tonal vibes, mousses and cushons are for you.



Typically, girls apply cream to their wrist to determine if the tone matches the complexion. However, this method is not entirely correct. Better to test the foundation on the neck and cheeks. So it will immediately be seen whether the tone leaves a border, how it is absorbed and does not give, for example, an oily sheen.

On the wrist, you can see the color of the foundation, but it is impossible to understand how it will be absorbed. In texture, the skin on the face is much thinner and more receptive. The tonal base behaves differently on the skin of the face than on the hand.


In cosmetics stores, you rarely know if a tone is right or not. Therefore, it is recommended to test the cream under different lighting conditions - in the store and on the street. Apply tone to your neck, wander around the mall, visit other departments. Pay attention to the skin tone area being tested. How does the product behave, are there any differences in color on the street and indoors.

Ask the store for a magnifying mirror, usually in high-quality cosmetics stores, and the consultants will be happy to provide you with it.

Makeup base


In order for the foundation to lay evenly, use a cream that smooths the skin. It is applied before the foundation and, when going to the store, apply a little on the cheek or neck. Ideally, the manufacturer of the leveling cream and foundation should be the same. But everything is learned in individual use.

Features of the foundation for aging skin

To choose a 40+ foundation, you should pay attention to the composition. The cream should contain moisturizing ingredients, anti-age serums, and UV protection (SPF protection at least 30).

Using this guide, you can easily choose the tool that meets all your requirements.

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