How To Make Ripped Jeans

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How To Make Ripped Jeans
How To Make Ripped Jeans

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Ripped jeans are a fashion trend of any season. They have long become fashionable and firmly entrenched there. You can buy these jeans in any store. But the best way to look unique is to create your own ripped jeans.

How to make ripped jeans
How to make ripped jeans

It is necessary

  • Making ripped jeans - not only does not take you much time and effort, but also allows you to save a lot.
  • Jeans, a utility knife, heavy cardboard or cutting board.
  • Be careful with a sharp knife to avoid cuts.


Step 1

Take your well-worn but intact jeans. Place heavy cardboard or a cutting board under the place where you want to make the cut. It all depends on what is at your fingertips. It is best to cut with a clerical knife, make sure that the blade is well sharpened.

Step 2

Make cuts equally spaced from the side seams to keep your jeans from ripping. After the slit has been made, it is advisable to remove several longitudinal threads in order to free some of the transverse threads. Make cuts a short distance apart.

Step 3

Slightly scuff the pockets. This can be achieved by rubbing with a clerical knife in this area, but at the same time do not press hard on it, not allowing holes to appear. To keep your jeans looking natural, wash them after this procedure.

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