How To Do A Neon Manicure

How To Do A Neon Manicure
How To Do A Neon Manicure

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Are you tired of boring gray, beige or black manicure? In this case, pay attention to the bright acidic as well as neon shades. They are perfect for a party or other entertainment event.

Bright manicure
Bright manicure

The main trend this summer is a stylish and attractive manicure done in neon colors. Instead of the usual, dark, as well as classic shades, you should opt for catchy neon tones.

Try to show a little imagination, be sure to make yourself a pattern in an acidic and juicy shade. Believe me, with a similar tone on your nails, you will certainly have a good mood even during the rain.

This manicure is not just a neatly applied tone of varnish, but a real explosion of tone. However, even without the use of decor, as well as design, such a manicure will certainly not be left without close attention. It has its own characteristics. In the daytime, it is better to apply a bright manicure, and in the evening - already normal. It will look harmoniously at the disco. It is also well suited for medium to long nails.

Bright neon tones are generally the most suitable for tanned skin, for this reason, give preference to this type of manicure. If you liked neon manicure more, you should remember that it is better not to overdo it with makeup, otherwise the image will not turn out very attractive.

Such a manicure goes well with dresses made in blue, as well as gray and beige shades. If you want to create a stylish look, try to choose clothes made from denim.

For decoration, you can use blots, as well as abstract drawings. Any manicure requires perfect execution. Try to get a special cuticle oil, protect your nails from chips.

One of the simplest manicure options is considered to be a jacket. The tips of the nails in a stylish acid design, as well as with a matte background, do not look so banal, but also original. In addition, you can combine several neon shades.

A matte tone can only make the nails a little more stylish and catchy. To begin with, they are covered with a special coating, then with the help of it you can select some individual places.

With a variety of neon shades, you can create a gorgeous gradient manicure. You can use the following combination: blue with green, blue with red, and pink with yellow. Craftsmen, as a rule, know how to combine flesh tone with neon. And as a decor, they use elements of fashionable graphics, geometry, various fragments.

A technique called ombre will look attractive on relatively long nails, it can be done in bright acid tones.

A similar acid manicure can be applied by any means. The transition from one color to another can be both horizontal and vertical. In this case, try to simply select one or more nails, decorating with rhinestones.

Do you like using bright shades of acid pink in your nails? Then pay attention to the neon manicure, made in pink, fuchsia, or raspberry or cyclomen. Despite the fact that this manicure looks very bright, such a design will look easy and stylish.

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