Fashionable Mink Coats: Models And Trends

Fashionable Mink Coats: Models And Trends
Fashionable Mink Coats: Models And Trends

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A mink coat is the best choice any girl would make. If you are tired of simple clothes, pay attention to a mink fur coat in the store.

Mink coat
Mink coat

In the past few years, mink coats have become more and more popular. The cost of most modern options for fur coats at the moment is on average up to five hundred thousand rubles for an option with a length, as a rule, below the knee. If the designers have worked on the model, then the price for a fur coat will be appropriate.

What kind of mink coat should you pay close attention to? First you need to learn to take into account the characteristics of your figure.

  • type of figure. If we talk about the type of figure, then it is advisable to choose a fitted style of a mink coat for obese girls and women. Pay your attention to the fur coat called "razletayka". But a visually similar model will only slightly increase the figure.
  • different preferences. Fur coats of gray tones look more advantageous, but some fashionistas will certainly like black versions of fur coats more. Tastes, as they say, do not argue.
  • lifestyle features. If you have to do a long way throughout the day, that is, the way to your work, then it is advisable to abandon the elongated options for the simple reason that the hem will get dirty much faster and more strongly. If you do not have your own car, then be sure to choose "options for mink fur coats with a hood."
  • sheared mink. The pile in this case must be of the same length. Of course, beautiful furs are not very warm, like ordinary furs, but at the same time they look more harmonious. Fur called "sheared mink" is often used for sewing various sheepskin coats;
  • plucked mink. You can use a plucked mink to sew absolutely any model. This kind of fur is often very long and therefore incredibly warm. When choosing a fur coat, be sure to pay attention to practical as well as popular options.

Classic fur coats have been very popular for a long period. Choose a model that is not too long, but also not with such wide sleeves. I would like to note that the pockets should be welt, overhead options are also allowed. This version of a fur coat is suitable for women of absolutely any status and even age.

A short autolady mink coat will be harmonious for motorists. As a rule, its length is no more than mid-thigh. This is due to the fact that a woman or a girl has long trips ahead, and the clothes need to be comfortable. This style is able to ensure a longer preservation of the fur. Otherwise, if you use a different cut, the hem will get dirty, and directly from the heating, the pile will deteriorate and dry out.

Downward, this coat is a little more flared. As a rule, the length reaches the middle of the knee. The style will look harmonious even at a gala event. You can even wear it with a pantsuit. Of course, the undoubted condition is that the trousers should not be flared under any circumstances. Often only young girls pay attention to such options for fur coats.

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