How To Prepare For Spring

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How To Prepare For Spring
How To Prepare For Spring

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The New Year holidays are over. Before you have time to look back, the first snowdrops will appear, and the sun will start to delight you with bright and warm rays. It is necessary not to waste time and prepare for the arrival of spring in advance.

How to prepare for spring
How to prepare for spring

Body into action

After the New Year's culinary excesses, it will not hurt to get the body in shape. Revise your menu, reduce calories and add more vegetables and fruits to your diet. Introduce a rule - arrange one fasting day a week.

Go in for sports, walk more. Do not immediately exhaust yourself with strength training after "hibernation", for a start, limit yourself to yoga, swimming and light aerobic exercise.

Don't neglect healthy, full sleep. Chronic lack of sleep leads to a decrease in immunity and general stress resistance. Try to go to bed before midnight and sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. If the body requires a short break for naps, do not deny it.

Strengthening health

Take vitamins to avoid blues and fatigue. You can choose a complex drug or drink a course of vitamins C and D. They will strengthen the immune system and add serotonin to the body - the "hormone of happiness". Vitamin D is especially necessary for those who have little time in the fresh air and live in regions where the sun is a rare guest in winter.

Limit the use of coffee and black tea for a while, or rather replace them with green tea and herbal infusions. Useful mixtures of oregano, mint, thyme, lemon balm and black currant will restore strength, vigor and good mood, as well as cleanse the body of toxins. A special thank you for such drinks will tell you the skin, it will be cleansed and become smoother and fresher.


With the onset of spring, warmth returns, light jackets replace warm down jackets, and hats are removed to the mezzanine. This is a good excuse to take care of your hair. Refresh your haircut or change your hair color. Pamper them with firming and nourishing masks. Beautiful well-groomed hair is the key to female attractiveness.

Pay attention to your skin as well. In winter, she especially needs nutrition and moisture.


Spring is the time for skirts and dresses, so epilation is worth considering. In fact, it doesn't matter which way to get rid of excess hair on the body, the main thing is the result. Sugaring, wax strips, regular shaving "the old fashioned" or laser hair removal in the salon - the choice is yours.

Do not forget to soothe irritated skin after the procedure with a special anti-inflammatory lotion and you can flaunt in short skirts.


Prepare your sleds in the summer and your spring wardrobe in the winter. Yes, you are not mistaken, it is in winter that you should already think about spring things. You can safely pick up new things and buy them at affordable prices without rush and rush while the peak of the season has not yet arrived.

If you are in doubt about the choice of clothes and are waiting for news about current news, buy a few basic things for spring, because the classics are always in fashion.

A pair of new shoes will not hurt either, shoes play a big role in creating an overall look.

Spend the winter

As you prepare for spring, remember to spend the winter. Don't miss out on the chance to go skiing or ice skating, make a snowman, or just walk the winter streets. Be sure to bake pancakes for Shrovetide.

You need to get pleasure from each season and then life will be filled with vivid emotions and impressions.

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