How To Get A Magical Purple Manicure

How To Get A Magical Purple Manicure
How To Get A Magical Purple Manicure

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Tired of a boring jacket? Then pay attention to the purple marigolds. Such a manicure will certainly appeal not only to high-status women, but also to young ones.


Purple halftones - lavender, lilac, and also a color called indigo - most people associate with something very mysterious and magical. Special attention was paid to the purple hue this year.

Among the variety of colors, literally every fashionista will be able to find an attractive shade for herself, because all purple shades can decorate nails of absolutely any shape and even length. From this article you will find out what techniques it is desirable to use to complement the magical purple manicure.

Girls who constantly follow fashion trends will certainly love purple manicure, as well as design. In this article, you can take a closer look at deep purple, as well as its light and delicate options.

Plum, purple, as well as amethyst and even trendy violet - this is an incredible variety of purple. And in combination with a variety of techniques, the nail design will look just perfect and harmonious.

Stylish and newfangled options for such a manicure have become this season - a design in one shade without the use of jewelry. A solid color coating with a sufficient design will also look great.

Various patterns are popular, the use of special rubbing. You can also use stamping, as well as a matte finish, decor with stylish sequins, rhinestones and other decorations.

The most fashionable and interesting technique is purple manicure decorated with sparkles. For identical and important occasions, the nails should be completely decorated with lilac or shiny sequins. The current technique at the present time is laying out a stylish transparent decor on a purple base.

Sparkling sequins on purple nails look tempting and festive. They will certainly pay attention to your nails. But gloss should be used in limited quantities.

It is quite possible to decorate your manicure with a purple shade if you use a technique with the imposition of rhinestones. Thus, the design will look more and more attractive.

Currently, rhinestones are given increased attention, but if you remember the past, it will be clear that they simply remain popular in any season. If you want to pick up pebbles, be sure to pay attention to non-standard manicure options.

For example, it can be polygonal, square, and triangular. If you have long nails, then feel free to experiment, but try not to ruin everything.

When it comes to simply the length of your nails, try to be sure to choose more comfortable shades to wear in everyday life. The most fashionable are currently considered to be short marigolds. You can pair them with the popular purple manicure - the fact is that you have the opportunity to choose any tone.

You can build on fantasies as well as moods. Not only stylish compositions in monochrome shades look very attractive and interesting. Look for options to complement your stylish manicure.

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