Rose Red Manicure: Nail Design Ideas

Rose Red Manicure: Nail Design Ideas
Rose Red Manicure: Nail Design Ideas

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Pink with red is a great combination of shades to create a spectacular manicure. Learn to compose images yourself.

Pink nails
Pink nails

Pink and red manicure is often chosen for the purpose of creating a romantic look. This combination looks very bright, for this reason it does not combine very well with business and formal style.

It is necessary that the outfit contains pink or red shades. In this case, the design of the nails will certainly be in harmony with the image.

The easiest option would be to create a monochromatic coating of different shades. However, pink with stylish red will certainly look much more spectacular if you add a little decor or perform it in an interesting and stylish technique. For instance:

  • Hearts - for some reason, this drawing is chosen much more often than others. You can make a pattern with several hearts. It can also be painted over the entire surface of the plate. This piece of jewelry is perfect for creating a romantic look.
  • Ombre is considered one of the most popular design options. And to make the manicure more feminine, they create beautiful and smooth transitions. If you want to make your nails longer, you can place a pink shade at the very base of the nail, and a red one at the top.
  • Moon manicure, as well as French, - these types of manicure are considered classic.
  • Confetti is a pretty fashionable trend that looks festive and spectacular.
  • Want to make your designs look more luxurious? Pay attention to rhinestones as well as sequins. Only they should be used in small quantities so that the manicure is not overloaded.
  • And in the design of your nails in the first place, naturally, flowers. Chinese painting is now unusually popular.

Pink and red manicure will certainly be able to complement other shades. But they should be in harmony with other colors for the design to be even more effective:

  1. Silver and gold can be complemented by a combination of red and pink. These shades will be chic to recreate a festive manicure.
  2. White, like black, looks great with a variety of hues. But in no case should you choose him for a romantic look.
  3. White looks good with any shade. Against its background, very bright shades will seem even more saturated.

If you use additional shades, be very careful. The design can get a little overwhelmed. And red is not suitable for a bright range, because it is considered dominant.

Manicure with red lacquer has attracted attention at all times. For this reason, it is better to complement it with light shades and beautiful feminine patterns. A technique called ombre is the perfect choice for a regular manicure. It's up to you to make the transition from red to pink or vice versa. For manicure, be sure to use a small piece of sponge. For long nails, this technique works even better.

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