What Is The Use Of Hand Massage

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What Is The Use Of Hand Massage
What Is The Use Of Hand Massage

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The beauty of the hands is an integral part of the whole image. To maintain the health and beauty of the skin of the hands, many special tools and procedures have been invented. One of such manipulations is hand massage.

What is the use of hand massage
What is the use of hand massage

How it works

The effectiveness of hand massage is primarily due to the activation of blood circulation. This contributes to the launch of a number of metabolic processes. The result of regular massage procedures is to increase the elasticity and tone of the skin of the hands. Venous outflow is gradually normalized, which prevents the formation of swelling of the fingers (although a slight decrease in swelling can be seen after 1-2 procedures, however, the elasticity of the vascular wall and normal work is only established with a course massage). Many people also notice a decrease in joint pain. It is impossible not to notice the improvement in the condition of the nails as a result of systematic massage procedures. This effect appears with systematic massage manipulations and is the result of exposure to the terminal phalanges of the fingers. By improving blood circulation, massage has a positive effect on microcirculation in the area of ​​the growth zone.

Massage aids

The aesthetic effect of hand massage is enhanced by the means that are used during the procedure. In particular, for dry skin, it is advisable to use neutral vegetable oils (coconut, apricot, almond, peach). They saturate the epidermis with biologically active substances that prevent cell damage and eliminate flaking. They can also be used regardless of the skin type in the cold season, when the epidermis, more than ever, needs additional nutrition.

If it is necessary to make age spots less noticeable, you can add a few drops of lemon essential oil to the main, basic composition. It will lighten the spots of pigmentation. In addition, being a source of large amounts of ascorbic acid - a powerful natural antioxidant - it slows down the aging of skin cells.

In the case of a long stay in a room with a working air conditioner, which helps to reduce the humidity of the air, the skin becomes drier and needs intensive moisturizing. For this case, special cosmetics with a moisturizing effect are suitable. It should be noted that the usual application of moisturizer will be more effective if you make at least a few simple massage movements after it.

Complex action

The hands are the place of concentration of biologically active points. This is associated with the complex effect of hand massage on the entire body. The procedure helps to improve the functioning of internal organs, induces a surge of vivacity, and is able to cheer up.

A deeper knowledge of the distribution of biologically active points on the hands will help to combat dysfunctions of internal organs with the help of hand massage.

Even without being a specialist, everyone can give themselves a light hand massage. Indeed, even without targeting acupuncture points, the procedure will be useful.

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