How To Care For Blonde Hair

How To Care For Blonde Hair
How To Care For Blonde Hair

A light shade obtained by dyeing indicates that the hair is already broken. In order to revive them, natural ingredients are preferred in the care. Moreover, nature itself provides amazing conditioners from honey to rose water.

How to care for blonde hair
How to care for blonde hair

What do blond curls want?

Blonde hair needs protein and hydration. The required water content is 10-12%. Such hair looks shiny, light, soft. The strands are elastic and flexible, which makes them manageable, less prone to breakage.

Water or protein

If your hair is sluggish, overly elastic, then add more protein to the diet. Dry, brittle or tough - needs moisture. Protein is responsible for structure, water for elasticity. Now that you know your needs, get down to proper conditioning.

Understand the blonde

Many people are born blond, but darken with age. Only 2-4% of the world's population are natural blondes. Naturally blonde hair has a fine, soft texture. White strands reflect more light, dark ones absorb. Reflected light makes hair shiny. However, due to the fragile structure, the curls weaken quickly. You have to add volume and density. Protein foods improve texture. Masks made from yogurt and eggs work. Coconut oil also helps. Of course, it does not contain protein, but it prevents protein loss.


During staining, peroxide or brightener removes dark pigments. This allows the new shade to take hold. Stripping the original color damages the outer layer - the cuticle. The more radical the change in image, the larger the defect. Damaged cuticles cause moisture loss. Intensive hydration is required. Coconut milk is used as a conditioner: it straightens curly hair, detangles, softens.

Care procedure

1. Understand what the hair is missing. According to the state, determine what is needed: protein or moisture.

2. If the blond is natural, immediately add protein to the food.

3. Restore the structure using protein masks. Revitalize damaged cuticles with a moisturizing conditioner.

4. Use natural remedies for moisturizing: coconut milk, honey-yolk mask, aloe vera juice.

5. Make herbal rinses: chamomile infusion, apple cider vinegar, rose water.

6. Avoid protein overload, dry weather, hard water.

Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner

Smoothes cuticles, strands lie flat, reflect more light. You will need: 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar; 2 glasses of water; 1 tablespoon rose water 2 drops of lavender essential oil - optional, soothes the scalp. Connect, mix. Wash your hair. Apply prepared conditioner. Let it sit for 1-2 minutes, then rinse. Use once a week.

The advantage of natural ingredients is that they eliminate a variety of problems: dryness, brittleness, stiffness. Natural masks and rinses do not change hair color, they only restore health.

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