Why Apply Oil To The Cuticle

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Why Apply Oil To The Cuticle
Why Apply Oil To The Cuticle

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Cuticle oil is a pretty fashionable product of the beauty industry today. On the shelves in cosmetic stores, there are rows of packages with products that have a different composition, color, smell, form of release.

Why apply oil to the cuticle
Why apply oil to the cuticle

What is this tool and why is it needed

Cuticle oil is used to treat the thin layer of skin that protects the nail plate. This area is quite delicate and very sensitive to external influences. The deterioration of her condition occurs due to the following factors:

  • Negative influence of weather conditions. The greatest impact is produced by temperature drops, cold and low air humidity. The result is excessive drying of the skin around the nail bed, possibly cracking, microtrauma.
  • Excessive hand washing, especially with soap. Detergents contain substances that attack skin cells aggressively. If used too often, this exposure becomes a damaging factor. It is worth noting that ordinary chlorinated tap water contains components that can dry out the epidermis.
  • Improper care of nails and hand skin, in particular, aggressive treatment of the cuticle with improperly or poorly sharpened instruments, the use of irritating agents.
  • Exposure to household chemicals, including products used for routine household chores. To avoid this damaging factor, it is recommended to carry out household work in protective gloves.
  • The habit of biting your nails and cuticles around them.

What can help

Fat-soluble vitamins and fatty acids have a beneficial effect on the skin around the nails. It is these beneficial substances that are found in abundance in the cuticle oil. As a rule, this product is a combination of vegetable oils, regardless of whether it is a liquid oil or a solid. To increase efficiency, manufacturers often enrich their cosmetics with vitamins that have a beneficial effect on the condition of skin cells (A, E).

Regular use of funds with such a composition leads to the following result:

  • getting rid of dry cuticles, cracks on it, the formation of burrs;
  • acceleration of healing of accidental microtraumas;
  • prevention of coarsening, early aging of the skin around the nails;
  • improvement of microcirculation in the area of ​​the nail bed, which contributes to the improvement of the condition of the nails and their growth.

Mode of application

Usually, manufacturers do not prescribe clear rules for the frequency of use of cuticle oil. As a rule, experts recommend using them as needed to keep your hands tidy.

In most cases, 1-2 times a week is enough, provided there are no aggressive damaging factors.

With severe dryness, it makes sense to do this more often - up to several times a day.

It is highly advisable to use cuticle oil after removing it with tweezers or chemical cuticle removers, and after applying nail polish.

Whichever variety of cuticle oil is chosen, its use will be effective only if the skin of the hands is treated regularly. Application of this product usually takes no more than a few minutes. This is quite enough to keep the skin of the hands in a well-groomed condition.

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