Which Herbs Are Best Used For Facial Skin Care

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Which Herbs Are Best Used For Facial Skin Care
Which Herbs Are Best Used For Facial Skin Care

Video: Which Herbs Are Best Used For Facial Skin Care

Video: Which Herbs Are Best Used For Facial Skin Care
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In cosmetology, oils, hydrolates, and extracts are obtained from herbs. But simple, affordable plants are useful on their own. The minerals, vitamins and antioxidants included in the herbs nourish the skin, eliminating imperfections and restoring its natural radiance.

Which herbs are best for facial skin care
Which herbs are best for facial skin care

It is necessary

  • Herbs have a therapeutic effect on the skin: they retain moisture, reduce dryness, increase collagen synthesis, maintain tone, eliminate age spots and rejuvenate.
  • The following plants will help maintain youthfulness and beauty in a natural way. The choice of herbs should be based on individual needs.


Step 1

1. Chamomile.

Most often, tea is brewed from chamomile. Chamomile oil, when applied topically, helps repair damaged skin tissue. You can make an infusion, soak a cotton pad in it and apply it to the inflamed area.


- helps to clear acne;

- prevents aging, decreased tone;

- protects from exposure to sunlight;

- removes dark circles, swelling;

- heals wounds, burns.


Step 2

2. Basil.

It can be used in several ways: by eating raw leaves, making tea, applying directly to the skin, or washing your face.


- relieves infection, irritation, itching, redness, allergies;

- heals ulcers, wounds;

- fights acne, blackheads;

- cleanses, prevents excess fat;

- maintains tone;

- slows down aging, removes fine wrinkles, age spots.


Step 3

3. Mint.

It requires careful use for sensitive skin, as it is recognized as a strong antiseptic. Peppermint restricts the growth of bacteria, fungi, and is also anti-allergenic.


- maintains body temperature, cools, soothes;

- relieves allergies, infections;

- prevents the appearance of acne;

- removes stains;

- moisturizes, softens, revitalizes;

- relieves insect bites.


Step 4

4. Aloe Vera.

It is usually used in the form of a thick gel that is extracted directly from the leaves of the plant. A small amount of the substance cools and also soothes inflammation.


- heals sunburn;

- relieves infection, itching, blisters;

- heals wounds;

- soothes skin irritation;

- moisturizes, making the skin light, elastic;

- prevents premature aging;

- removes dark circles, puffiness around the eyes;

- reduces stretch marks.


Step 5

5. Nettle.

Tea cleanses the body of toxins, which significantly affects the health of the facial skin.


- refreshes, evens out the tone;

- relieves acne, dark spots;

- Treats skin allergies, rashes, redness and itching;

- accelerating blood circulation, slows down aging.


Step 6

Herbal combinations are created based on the individual needs of the skin. For example, the union of aloe vera and basil cleanses and refreshes the skin. A mixture of mint leaves, basil, and a pinch of turmeric powder will remove dark spots on your face. A couple of drops of tea tree oil added to aloe vera leaf gel are able to control the sebaceous glands.