What Are Face Massagers And How To Use Them Correctly

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What Are Face Massagers And How To Use Them Correctly
What Are Face Massagers And How To Use Them Correctly

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Mechanical and electrical facial massagers in modern stores are presented in a huge assortment. In order to make the right choice, you need to know some of the nuances. According to cosmetologists, a properly selected facial massager can be an excellent alternative to expensive salon procedures. A proper facial massage improves blood circulation to the skin, helps to get rid of wrinkles and largely prevents the appearance of new age spots and edema.

What are face massagers and how to use them correctly
What are face massagers and how to use them correctly

Despite the obvious advantages, these high-tech devices may be contraindicated for some women. Therefore, before buying, be sure to consult with your personal beautician or dermatologist. Most often, facial massage is not recommended for women with very sensitive and prone to inflammation of the skin, as well as for those people who suffer from acne.

Types of facial massagers

The modern beauty industry offers a wide variety of mechanical and electrical facial massagers. High-tech devices differ both in shape and material of manufacture, as well as in many other parameters. Among the most common models are the following:

  • The vacuum massager is ideal for deep cleansing of the upper layer of the skin. The electrical device effectively copes with blackheads and lifts the oval of the face well.
  • The ultrasonic electric massager has a pronounced tightening and smoothing effect. Thanks to high-frequency vibrations, the epidermis is evened out and the top layer of the skin becomes much smoother.
  • The muscle stimulator also has a pronounced lifting effect. This device is extremely effective in combating deep expression lines and various fatty deposits. Regular facial massage with the device improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, helps to remove toxins and various other harmful substances from the skin. In some cases, facial massage with a myostimulator can be a worthy alternative to expensive salon procedures.
  • Oxygen massager, thanks to the emitted oxygen molecules, improves metabolic processes in the upper layers of the epidermis. As a result, the overall tone of the face is leveled, and the skin acquires tone and elasticity.
  • Electric laser massagers are recommended for treating finer wrinkles. The device evens out the complexion well, stimulates the active production of collagen and elastane. Laser beams, when penetrating into the deep skin layers, restore metabolism and improve blood microcirculation.
  • Roller or mechanical facial massagers for the price are the most budgetary. This very simple device is most often made of plastic, wood or stone. At the moment, the most demanded devices are made of jade. According to the assurances of the manufacturers, the jade stone has special medicinal properties. For a more pronounced effect, the jade roller is recommended to be refrigerated before use. This simple technique helps to relieve puffiness from the skin that was tired during the day.

How to use electric facial massagers correctly

After purchasing a facial massager, many women ask themselves: how to use this device correctly? First of all, you should carefully study the instructions supplied with this device. Manufacturers usually describe in sufficient detail all the rules that must be strictly observed during a self-massage session.

In any case, before manipulation, it is necessary to thoroughly cleanse the skin of the face from cosmetics and various impurities. For this, it is best to use mild skin care products without aggressive ingredients.Next, you should open the pores with ordinary steaming or special cosmetics. It is recommended to apply a light moisturizer or oil to cleansed skin just before the massage for easier gliding of the device. After a self-massage session, you can apply any vitamin or soothing mask to your face.

There are different techniques for facial massage. To obtain the maximum rejuvenating effect, massage movements must be carried out strictly along the lines indicated by cosmetologists. The forehead is usually massaged first, but for a more pronounced lifting effect, the facial massage can also start from the neck and further to the upper forehead. The skin in the chin, nose and forehead area is almost always quite oily, therefore, for massage in the T-zone, cosmetologists advise using special nozzles, which are usually supplied with an electrical appliance.

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