How To Stretch Rubber Shoes

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How To Stretch Rubber Shoes
How To Stretch Rubber Shoes

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It is impossible to stretch real rubber boots or galoshes. This material is ductile, but if it is stretched strongly, it will either tear or simply return to its original shape. Fortunately for those who missed their sizing, real rubber shoes are extremely rare on the shelves. Usually, what is called rubber boots is made of polyvinyl chloride - PVC. And this material can be increased in size.

How to stretch rubber shoes
How to stretch rubber shoes


Step 1

Start by experimenting with what your boots are made of. There is a small chance that they are still made of real rubber. Then by further actions you will simply spoil them. For the experiment, take a needle and heat it red. Then touch it to the boot, preferably out of sight. If the material starts to melt, then the shoes are made of PVC. You can start stretching.

Step 2

Polyvinyl chloride is called a thermoplastic material. When heated, it softens, and when cooled, it hardens again. How much soften your boots will be when heated depends on the amount of plasticizer that the manufacturer has added to the material. Therefore, it is impossible to predict in advance the success of stretching. Usually PVC begins to soften at 70 ° C.

Step 3

Boil water and pour boiling water directly into your boots. Let the shoes sit for half an hour. Then add more boiling water.

Step 4

While the boots are softening, wear several pairs of woolen socks over your feet to add bulk. The socks will also help keep your feet from getting burned by the heated boots.

Step 5

Then you need to pour the water out of your boots and, without wasting time, quickly put the shoes on your feet. PVC has very good tensile strength. And tearing it, unlike rubber products, is quite difficult. Therefore, feel free to pull on softened boots.

Step 6

Without removing your boots, draw in half a bath of cold water. Then climb into the tub and stand for a few minutes. While your shoes are cooling, remember to wiggle your toes and press on the inside of the boots. Especially in their front part - to increase the size.

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