Does A Woman Need To Shave An Intimate Place?

Does A Woman Need To Shave An Intimate Place?
Does A Woman Need To Shave An Intimate Place?

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From the moment of puberty, both girls and boys begin to grow hair in places where previously no hint of hair was observed, in particular in the genital area. It is then that young people really think about whether to remove hair in intimate places. Especially this problem worries the fair sex.

Does a woman need to shave an intimate place?
Does a woman need to shave an intimate place?

Very often, when seeking advice on whether to shave their hair in private areas, young people hear answers based on prejudice. For example, many members of the older generation are absolutely sure that shaving pubic and armpit hair should be started as late as possible, since after the very first removal, the hair will begin to grow back much faster. This statement is fundamentally wrong. The rate of hair growth and hair removal are not interrelated in any way.

The second myth is the statement that after shaving, the hair in intimate areas becomes thicker and coarser. In fact, their thickness is not influenced by shaving, but by age. As a person gets older, his nails and hair become more thick, and this happens for natural reasons, not dependent on shaving.

The third, fundamentally wrong belief that makes many people refuse to remove hair in intimate places, says that shaving entails such a problem as ingrown hairs. In fact, this nuisance comes from irregular and poor-quality shaving. Those who take good care of themselves do not face such a problem as ingrown hairs.

If you are seriously concerned about the appropriateness of shaving your intimate area, it is worth considering that pubic hair removal has many benefits. If you decide to shave, you no longer have to puzzle over which underwear to choose, because the bikini area will look perfect. Also, you do not have to blush during a visit to a gynecologist, and most men believe that a woman with a well-groomed intimate area looks more sexy and attractive.

Shaving the intimate area is not for everyone. This procedure is contraindicated in case of increased skin sensitivity and poor blood clotting. In such situations, you should choose a more gentle method.

Get a really good razor before you start shaving. It is better to use a comfortable men's razor for these purposes, sharp and safe enough. Also prepare a shaving product. If your skin is prone to irritation, do not use regular soap as such. Your best bet is to purchase a shaving gel or cream labeled "hypoallergenic."

Never use someone else's machine to shave your intimate area. Failure to comply with hygiene rules can lead to very sad consequences.

Before you start shaving, take a bath so that the skin is thoroughly steamed. If the hair in the intimate area is long, do not shave it off immediately. First, cut off any excess with scissors, this will make your job easier.

Apply a gel or cream to the skin and proceed with hair removal. While shaving, stretch the skin a little and drive the machine with light pressure on the handle. Don't overdo it to avoid cutting yourself.

At the end of the procedure, rinse off the remaining shaving product with warm water, dry the skin with a towel and apply an after-shave cooling gel to the intimate area.

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