How To Deal With Itching After Shaving

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How To Deal With Itching After Shaving
How To Deal With Itching After Shaving

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Shaving is the fastest and most painless way to get rid of unwanted body hair. However, it has a significant disadvantage - after hair removal in the bikini area, many women experience irritation, accompanied by redness and itching.

How to deal with itching after shaving
How to deal with itching after shaving

Correct shaving - prevention of irritation

It is much easier to prevent irritation than to deal with its consequences later. Moreover, this is not difficult to do - it is enough just to approach the procedure wisely. Before heading to the bathroom, make sure your razor is sharp enough so that you don't have to run it around the same spot multiple times to try to remove all the hairs.

If you prefer reusable razors, choose razors with three or more blades. The presence of a special moisturizing strip will also be a plus. Shave with disposable razors - remember to change them regularly.

Take a shower or bath. Steam the skin, remove dirt and sebum secretions from it. It will be useful to use a mild scrub to exfoliate to remove keratinized particles and remove ingrown hairs. After that, apply shaving gel and start getting rid of excess vegetation.

You can use a mild shower gel instead of shaving gel, but not soap.

It is advisable to shave off unwanted hairs along the line of their growth. Of course, the result will not be as smooth as if you remove the vegetation in the bikini area in the opposite direction, but you will not be irritated either. After shaving off your hair, treat your skin with an antiseptic and apply a moisturizer. This should be enough so that the itching doesn't bother you.

How to deal with irritation

If, despite all the measures that you have taken, red spots appear on the skin, it itches and itches, you can relieve your condition. For low-intensity itching, lotions will help. Boil the mint, let the broth brew for an hour, cool. Soak cotton pads in the liquid and apply to the affected area. Change your lotions regularly for half an hour. The irritation should go away. In the absence of mint at home, you can apply ice for a while, which can also relieve pain.

Avoid wearing synthetic underwear or panties that are too tight to chafe your skin immediately after shaving.

If the affected skin is swollen and the severe itching persists, you can switch to heavy artillery. Use hormone-based medications. Lubricate your bikini area with hydrocortisone cream. This agent is anti-inflammatory and works very quickly, but it should not be overused. If you get irritated every time you shave, you may need to choose a different hair removal method.

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