How To Become A MARY KAY Consultant

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How To Become A MARY KAY Consultant
How To Become A MARY KAY Consultant

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Many women love cosmetics, love to do makeup for themselves and their girlfriends, and are never averse to trying a new shade of blush or lipstick. For most of them, all this remains pampering, a relaxing pastime on the day off. Is it possible to improve your financial situation using your passion for cosmetics? It is enough to become a Mary Kay consultant.

How to become a MARY KAY consultant
How to become a MARY KAY consultant

The American company Mary Kay produces quality makeup and skin care cosmetics that are very popular in several countries. Interestingly, it is impossible to buy it in the store. The peculiarity of the products of this company is that it is distributed through consultants. What are the benefits of working as a Mary Kay consultant, and how can you become one?

How do I become a Mary Kay consultant?

To become a Mary Kay Sales Representative, you can purchase the Timing or Deluxe Starter Pack, each of which includes cosmetics and class aids. All contents of each set are neatly packaged in a stylish and spacious consultant bag. In addition to one of the starter kits, you should order more cosmetics for a certain amount.

A prospective consultant needs to fill out a registration form, the form of which is presented on the company's website. After that, the new sales representative will be registered at the service center, his first order will be placed, and an account will be created for him on the Mary Kay official website. Using his username and password, the consultant will be able to place orders on the site on his own in the future.

An exciting new world opens up for a woman who becomes a Mary Kay consultant. She can make new friends, participate in all kinds of motivational programs and take part in various company seminars that take place in the most picturesque corners of the planet.

Benefits of a Mary Kay consultant over a regular client

Perhaps the most tangible plus of working as a consultant at Mary Kay is the opportunity to buy cosmetics for yourself and your loved ones with a 40% discount. Moreover, if you are not engaged in the distribution of cosmetics, but registered as a consultant precisely in order to buy products for yourself cheaper, you can place an order no more than once every 5-6 months. This will be enough to maintain your status as a consultant.

If you become a Mary Kay sales representative to distribute these high quality cosmetics, you can get some good money if you want to. You place an order at a price that is 40% less than that indicated in the catalog. Once you receive your cosmetics, you sell them to your clients at full cost. The difference between the purchase price and the price at which you sell Mary Kay products is your income.

The company takes care of its sales representatives. Those who achieve some success in the field of retail sales and fulfill the conditions of various programs are rewarded with special prizes - from jewelry jewelry to a personal car.

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