Choosing A New Hairstyle: Better With Or Without Bangs?

Choosing A New Hairstyle: Better With Or Without Bangs?
Choosing A New Hairstyle: Better With Or Without Bangs?

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A neat hairstyle adorns a woman, emphasizing her beauty and adding personality to her. A well-chosen styling will skillfully hide all the flaws in appearance, and bangs play a significant role in this. Stylists are sure that bangs can drastically change your appearance. The main thing is to successfully match it to your type of face. Do not underestimate the importance of this hairstyle detail, remember that the original edging can transform your face beyond recognition.

Choosing a new hairstyle: better with or without bangs?
Choosing a new hairstyle: better with or without bangs?

Before cutting a section of hair, carefully examine your face shape, head shape, hair shade, age and initial condition of the strands. All these factors will help you decide whether to choose a hairstyle with bangs at all.

According to professionals, long bangs are suitable for girls with a triangular face type, while it is not advisable to comb the cut off strand on the back of the head. Hairstyles without bangs are not at all suitable for this type of face.

An asymmetrical strand is ideal for those with a square face. Oblique or bangs with a parting are perfect for chubby. It is she who will help to visually lengthen the face and reduce its contours. Both short and graduated versions will look beautiful. For an elongated and lean face shape, a side-laid or bangs trimmed with a ladder are suitable. For owners of a high forehead, it is better to choose a thick and even one. A ladder bang looks great on curly hair.

Girls with an oval face can choose a hairstyle without this element. It is also a great option for women with a diamond-shaped face contour. Chubby beauties are also suitable for smooth hair without fleece and bangs. In addition, stylists advise not to wear a similar hairstyle for girls with a rectangular face, as this will accentuate their wide cheekbones and angular face. It is not advisable to give up bangs for women with a wide or high forehead.

If you want to emphasize the expressiveness of your large eyes and make your face younger, straight, short-cropped bangs will help you. However, it should be borne in mind that it is not suitable for every girl. You should not stop your choice on it if you have a round face or a high forehead.

Oblique bangs adorn the owners of square and rectangular facial features. It will help balance the proportions and give the image a slight mystery. She categorically does not suit the owners of curly hair.

Long straight bangs are recommended for girls with a triangular face shape. Light toning will add style to the image. For chubby faces, a graduated shape is more appropriate. A large chin will soften the straight lines of the bangs.

The classic shape of the strand in the form of an arc will soften the cutting proportions of the triangular and oval type of face.

Fashionistas with perfect features can afford multi-layered scalloped bangs. She looks great in combination with highlighted or colored hair.

Different styling of the bangs will help to create a new image every day and give it brightness and individuality. For example, a curled strand will add romance to the look. To do this, wind it with a curling iron, style the rest of the hair with neat curls. A beautiful hairpin will help to add flirtatiousness.

If you are in doubt about whether a bang is right for you, use an invisible hairpin. Pull the strand back, pin and meticulously evaluate the result.

You can try to stab her to the side, but this option is only suitable for young girls with clean skin. Playfulness can be given to your appearance if you remove the even long bangs behind the ears, dividing it strictly in the center, and cover it with hair from above. The bangs, braided into a pigtail and laid along the forehead, look stylish and playful.

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