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How To Comb
How To Comb

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Puffed hairstyles were an extremely fashionable trend in the last decade, and if for some time they lost their popularity among the female half of the population, today the love of such hairstyles is again becoming a fashion trend. A well-made bouffant is able to originally emphasize your appearance, as well as add volume to any hair.

How to comb
How to comb


Step 1

Thoroughly wash and dry your hair, blow-dry the ends in a raised state, and then prepare a comb with sparse, rounded teeth to highlight the strands that you will comb. Comb the strands under the top layer of hair - separate and pin the top layer 1 cm thick.

Step 2

Begin combing the lower strands with neat strokes, gradually starting from the ends, and slowly moving towards the roots as you comb the strands. If you have thick and heavy hair, spray with a fixative varnish after combing each section.

Step 3

Brush your hair back a little with a soft massage brush, without making any sudden movements. Then carefully comb through the top, smooth hair layer, hiding tangled and combed strands. Shape your hairstyle by securing it with varnish.

Step 4

Lay fluffy bangs to one side - it will perfectly complement your new look. This hairstyle is suitable for all women, except for those who have a too narrow and elongated face.

Step 5

In order not to spoil the hair, there were never any torn strands left on the comb - the correct bouffant does not tear strands of hair. Always apply a softening balm to your hair before combing.

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