How To Try On A Hairstyle

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How To Try On A Hairstyle
How To Try On A Hairstyle

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Every woman at least once in her life wanted to radically change her image, dye her hair the opposite of her natural color, experiment with hair length and different styling methods. And of course, everyone knows the eternal problem: the owners of straight hair certainly want to have luxurious curls, while girls with wavy hair strive to straighten them in every possible way. How do you know in advance whether a new image will suit you? After all, making the wrong decision is fraught with spoiled mood and a considerable amount of money thrown into the wind.

How to try on a hairstyle
How to try on a hairstyle

It is necessary

a computer program for the selection of hairstyles


Step 1

To try on a new look - hairstyle, hair color, and even options for makeup and accessories - use specially created computer programs or on-line services for this purpose. The principle of their work is approximately the same. The first step is to buy a CD with the program or register on one of these sites.

Step 2

To start trying on different hairstyle options, you need to upload your photo from your computer to the program or to the hairstyle selection site. There are special requirements for such photographs. Your image on it should be full-face (i.e., shot from the front), the hair should be taken from the back in a bun so that it does not cover your face, it is desirable that there is a minimum of makeup.

Step 3

After that, you will be prompted to perform some manipulations with your image so that the program can determine the location and section of your eyes, the points of the corners of the lips and their shape, and other parameters for the precise "fit-in" of the elements of the new image.

Then follow the instructions of the program, which has an intuitive interface that will easily tell you what and where to do in order to choose from the list the hair color you are interested in, the length of the hairstyle, its shape, and the styling option. The results of your choice will instantly be displayed in a window with your image.

Step 4

Try different combinations of hair color and hairstyle, evaluate and choose exactly what suits you. Critically evaluate your appearance: find its main disadvantages and advantages, determine the type of appearance, face shape. With the help of a well-chosen hairstyle and makeup, you can adjust a lot and create a fresh, attractive image.

Step 5

After choosing the options you like, be sure to consult with a beauty salon master who will deal with your real hair, making your dreams come true. Computer fitting hairstyles will not replace an individual consultation with a professional stylist, because the program does not take into account the peculiarities of your hair. Therefore, the results obtained with the help of a computer should not be taken as a final verdict. However, you can certainly get a rough idea of ​​how a particular hairstyle or hair color looks on you.

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