How To Change Hair Color In A Photo

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How To Change Hair Color In A Photo
How To Change Hair Color In A Photo

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To dye your hair a different color, you don't have to drive across town to your favorite hairdresser. It is enough to have a computer with Adobe Photoshop installed on it.

How to change hair color in a photo
How to change hair color in a photo

It is necessary

Russified version of Adobe Photoshop CS5


Step 1

Launch Adobe Photoshop and open the required photo: menu item "File", then the button "Open" (hot keys Ctrl + O), select the required file and click "Open". In the "Layers" panel, click the "Create a New Adjustment Layer or Fill Layer" button, in the menu that appears, select "Background Color / Saturation". Check the box next to "Toning" and using the sliders "Color background", "Saturation" and "Brightness" set approximately the color in which you want to dye the hair. If it doesn’t work, make it just bright and stand out so that it’s more convenient for you to work in the future.

Step 2

Make black your foreground color and press Alt + Backspace. The photo will return to its original appearance. Now make white the main color (hotkey D) and select the Brush tool. Paint the hair with the color of the adjustment layer. If you need to change the size of the tool, use the "[" and "]" keys, transparency - numbers on the keyboard, press - Shift + numbers on the keyboard. When painting over critical areas, change the opacity to about 20%. If you need to zoom in on the image, use the Loupe Tool (Z). When you're finished painting, expand the photo to full size.

Step 3

In the Layers panel, click the drop-down menu to change the blend mode and choose Color or Soft Light. To the right of this menu is the "Transparency" field, it also makes sense to experiment with it.

Step 4

If you want to see how the hair dyed in a different color will look, reopen the Background / Saturation box and rotate the options sliders.

Step 5

To save the result, press Ctrl + Shift + S, specify the path for the future file, write a name, in the "Files of type" field, select Jpeg and click "Save".

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