How To Know If A Hair Color Is Right Or Not

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How To Know If A Hair Color Is Right Or Not
How To Know If A Hair Color Is Right Or Not

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Girls and women very often rack their brains over which hair color to choose. With all the variety of colors, you really want not to be mistaken and choose exactly the shade that will give your look a unique charm.

How to know if a hair color is right or not
How to know if a hair color is right or not


Step 1

When choosing a hair color, stylists are advised to pay attention to skin tone, hair density and eye color. For this, they even created a special table in which women are conditionally divided into 4 types: spring, summer, winter and autumn.

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Spring-type girls are characterized by light, almost transparent, skin, light eyes (light green, light turquoise, yellowish, light light brown), peach blush. Freckles are common. Natural hair color - golden - from blond to light brown. If you want to change, choose a hair color in warm colors, they are exactly what suits this type. These are all products with a red tint, from copper to dark chestnut.

Step 3

Girl - summer is also distinguished by fair skin and eyes. But, unlike the spring type, the color of the eyes is more often light blue, green-blue, gray-blue. Brown eyes meet too. Natural hair color - from ash blonde to medium light brown. All cold hair dye colors suit such women. Purple, light brown, mahogany - this palette is worth trying.

Step 4

Autumn girls, as well as spring ones, go with warm tones. By nature, they are often copper-red, with transparent white or, conversely, with a yellowish tint, skin. Eye color - any, from light blue to brown. It is better to choose a hair dye close to the natural color. Try shades from light copper, honey, to dark chestnut. These colors will add freshness to your skin and accentuate your natural beauty.

Step 5

The girl of the "winter" type is, for the most part, burning brunettes. Skin color from very light, almost white, to beige. Eyes of cold shades - blue, gray, turquoise. Since it is very difficult to make a blonde out of a brunette without injuring your hair, try colors 1 - 2 tones lighter than the natural shade of your hair. Any cold shades from light blond to dark chocolate will suit you.

Step 6

The choice of hair color is, of course, important. But also very important is the paint and the hairdresser to whom you entrust your head. Trust only well-known cosmetic brands and try to find a professional stylist who will not spoil your appearance.

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