How Not To Dress In Europe

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How Not To Dress In Europe
How Not To Dress In Europe

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Visiting European countries has become quite common for Russian travelers. But arriving at any of them, Russian girls bring with them a style of clothing that was recognized there as tasteless. The one who will notice the tendencies of the Russians, which are absent in Europe, will be able not to draw unnecessary attention to herself.

How not to dress in Europe
How not to dress in Europe


Step 1

Leave high heels at home. European ladies don't like uncomfortable high-heeled shoes. When it comes to leaving home during the day to go to work, school, or meet friends, they'll wear comfortable ballet flats or sneakers. Comfort comes first.

Step 2

Forget about dresses. Entering the city in full dress is the lot of Russian girls. In Europe, however, dresses are designed for evening walks to a restaurant, to a party or to another place. So stock up on jeans, T-shirts, sweaters and windbreakers.

Step 3

Cover your knees. Europeans are as strict about mini-skirts as they are about dresses. Short strips of fabric, barely covering intimate places, are worn only by ladies of the most ancient profession. The rest prefer comfortable knee-length or slightly lower skirts. Length to the toes often comes back into fashion.

Step 4

Clothes in rhinestones and sequins are not popular in Europe. More precisely, it is not there at all. The Russian market, filled with Chinese and Korean clothes, is replete with similar outfits. It is certainly not worth taking them to European countries, otherwise looking after you will mean disapproval, and not an expression of sympathy.

Step 5

When purchasing an expensive fashion item, do not seek to wear it on the same day to show off in front of the inhabitants of Europe. They prefer to subtly fit fashion trends into their daily style rather than flaunting labels.

Step 6

Dress appropriately for the situation. It is best to go out on a tour or sightseeing tour from the hotel in comfortable clothes. For example, in shorts, ballet shoes and a T-shirt. An evening walk with a visit to a restaurant can take place in a more sophisticated outfit.

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