How To Buy A Designer Dress Cheap

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How To Buy A Designer Dress Cheap
How To Buy A Designer Dress Cheap

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Designer clothes are the object of desire of every fashionista. A designer dress is not just a big name thing on a tag; clothes of good designers are distinguished by impeccable cut, excellent quality and unique style. But, alas, not everyone can afford expensive clothes. However, every woman can make an effort to find a designer dress at an affordable price. After all, a real shopaholic is not the one who wastes money, but the one who knows how to save it and get the best at the same time …

How to buy a designer dress cheap
How to buy a designer dress cheap


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The most obvious and simplest, but not less effective, way to get a cheap designer dress is through sales. These can be sales in online stores like or, seasonal sales in boutiques and department stores, etc.

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It is even better to buy the dress you like - with or without a discount - abroad. Unfortunately, Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Abroad, even without sales, the same thing that is sold here can be bought for a lower price. Therefore, when traveling to Europe, do not forget about shopping! In the West, you can even find a designer dress at a flea market - and this is not only about vintage, although, of course, this option is also interesting. Brussels, for example, to this day remains the "attic of Europe": this city is simply replete with flea markets where you can get real treasures.

Step 3

Feel free to visit thrift stores. The so-called commission boutiques are a real lifesaver for fashionable women with limited resources. For example, the Second Wind chain of stores offers both replicas and real designer items returned by customers. Do not be alarmed: such commissions have little in common with ordinary second-hand, you will not find in them old, worn things from someone else's shoulder. However, there are pitfalls here: each product is presented in one copy, so you may not find a thing of your size the first time. But if you are in luck, you will get a dress from the old Stella McCartney or Marni collection for a ridiculous amount.

Step 4

Support novice Russian fashion designers! Although the fashion industry in our country has not yet grown out of short pants, we have a lot of young, little-known and insanely talented designers. The clothes of many of them are not as expensive as the clothes of popular and famous foreign brands. Dresses for every taste from a domestic manufacturer at an affordable price can be found, for example, in the Russkaya Ulitsa boutique.

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