How To Dress For A Wedding

How To Dress For A Wedding
How To Dress For A Wedding

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When going to a wedding as an invited guest, pay close attention to your wardrobe. Don't go to extremes when choosing a suit and stick to a few simple but must-have rules.

How to dress for a wedding
How to dress for a wedding
  1. Ladies can dress for a wedding as elegantly as possible by choosing a long or short dress for a special occasion. At the same time, it should be remembered that only the bride can wear a white dress at a wedding. But a plain black dress is not always the best option for a wedding party. It is better to choose clothes of some kind of neutral color.
  2. Shoes should be not only beautiful and elegant, but also comfortable - in most cases, a wedding celebration lasts more than one hour. As a last resort, you can take with you a change of footwear, lightweight and comfortable.
  3. Ladies shouldn't add too much jewelry to their outfit. It is better to prefer calm and discreet sets of gold or silver.
  4. Men can come to the wedding in any festive suit - plain, checkered or striped. The main rule is that your suit should not copy the groom's suit. Try to avoid white shirts as well - it's best to choose a shirt to match the color of your suit.
  5. As a rule, you can dress smartly for a wedding without using a tie. But in general, a tie is a welcome addition to a men's suit chosen for a wedding celebration. If the wedding takes place in an informal atmosphere, you can wear jeans and a plain shirt. But in any case, sportswear, shapeless old sweaters and second-hand shoes should be avoided.
  6. Guests at a wedding should not use too much eau de toilette or perfume. In most cases, a wedding celebration takes place with a large crowd of guests, so a sharp and strong smell of perfume will be extremely inappropriate.
  7. Do not forget to bring a handkerchief with you - men can put it in a jacket pocket, and women can put it in a small purse or clutch.
  8. If the wedding takes place in the cold season, try to choose such a variant of outerwear that would be as elegant as possible, preferably in a classic style (for example, a neat coat or short coat). Of course, indoors you will not be in outerwear, but wedding video or photography often takes place on the street. Therefore, do not wear flashy sports jackets or overly shabby outerwear.
  9. When going to a wedding, pay attention to your hat as well. Male guests attend the celebration bareheaded, but the ladies have every right to attend the wedding wearing a headdress. In any case, the headdress must be neat and not overwhelmingly extravagant. All wedding guests should dress appropriately for the situation, so don't add flashy accessories to your outfit.

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