How To Wear A Pareo

How To Wear A Pareo
How To Wear A Pareo

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At the beginning of summer, every girl begins to think about a beach wardrobe. You can walk on the beach only in a swimsuit, but in order to go to a cafe or shop, you need to buy a pareo.

How to wear a pareo
How to wear a pareo

The pareo is a processed piece of fabric that is used to complement a beach swimsuit. You can buy a ready-made pareo, choosing it according to the shade of a bathing suit, or make it yourself from high-quality cotton, chiffon or silk. It is quite easy to buy a piece of the fabric you need and then process it.

Now it's worth moving on to the question of how to wear a pareo correctly. It can be worn in many ways: tied at chest level, around the waist, or wrapped around the hips. For a plump figure, the pareo is best tied low on the hips. If there is a problem with a small belly, the bandage should be tied diagonally around the waist.

Also, a beach shawl can visually make you look taller. To do this, it is advisable to wear a mini-pareo or ankle-length. The pareo is tied, crossing it around the neck, tightening with a free knot. For those with a short neck, it should be tied on the chest. Small breasts can be visually enlarged by wrapping the scarf in a large knot at the level of the bra.

From this piece of fabric, you can create both a dress and a skirt. For the manufacture of a skirt, it is best to choose a pareo, the length of which will be at least two meters. It is very easy to create a long skirt: you just need to wrap the cut with the wide side around the waist. The left side of the pareo should be on the right thigh. The upper part needs to be pulled out and twisted in the form of a bundle. The resulting tourniquet and the left edge of the pareo should be tied in a knot, and the rest of the cut is wrapped around the hips.

A shawl mini skirt is even easier to create. The length and width of the skirt are equal, respectively, it is advisable to use a small piece of fabric or fold a long pareo in half. To wear a pareo in the shape of a miniskirt, wrap it twice around your hips and tie all remaining ends in a nice and durable knot.

Even bloomers are created from two similar pareos. In this case, a square shape is ideal, the length of which is about a meter. It should be noted that the pareos should be the same only in size, and the shades may be different. The first pareo is tied slightly below the waist, and its free ends are wrapped symmetrically to each other at the ankle and hips. The second piece of fabric is tied in the same way.

In such beautiful outfits, it is not a shame to go to a store and cafe near the coast.

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