Massimo Dutti

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Massimo Dutti
Massimo Dutti

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Video: Шопинг/обзор с примерками в Massimo Dutti и Uterque I Осень 2021 I Lavrova Prostyle 2023, February

The Spanish brand Massimo Dutti is an organic interweaving of classics and modernity. Initially, the company specialized in the production of premium menswear, now there are also women's collections that conquer with the quality of the cut, the lightness of the textures of the fabrics, and the restrained pastel palette of colors.

Massimo dutti
Massimo dutti

Brand: Massimo Dutti

Russian name: Massimo Dutti

Products: Clothes

Country of origin: Spain

Official site:

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Online Stores

Name Internet address Telephone Visit the online store (963) 653 8888 800 333 17 02 909 930-69-36

Shops in Moscow

Address Metro Telephone
Moscow, pl. Kievsky railway station, 2 Kievskaya (495) 228-08-79
Moscow, st. Zemlyanoy Val, 33 Kursk (495) 771-63-30
Moscow, Rublevskoe sh., 62 Krylatskoe (495) 258-68-56
Moscow, Kievsky railway station square, 2 Kievskaya (495) 228-08-79
Moscow region, Kotelniki, 1st Pokrovsky proezd, 5 (495) 642-81-25
Moscow, MKAD, 41st kilometer (Kaluzhskoe highway, 21 km) Yasenevo (495) 926-83-16
Moscow, Leningradskoe shosse, 16, p. 1 Voikovskaya (495) 721-23-16

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