How To Iron Silk

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How To Iron Silk
How To Iron Silk

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Silk is an excellent material from which both clothes and accessories (for example, scarves) are sewn. Natural silk bed linen is considered a luxury item and is a real pleasure. This material is ideal for hot weather, as it does not warm the body in hot weather and quickly evaporates moisture from the skin surface. Silk should be taken care of very delicately and should only be ironed under special conditions.

How to iron silk
How to iron silk


Step 1

High-quality silk is almost wrinkle-free. Therefore, scarves and tops do not need to be ironed at all. But skirts and dresses made of this material wrinkle quickly, so they have to be ironed. And this must be done correctly and carefully.

Step 2

It is better to iron silk products when they are still slightly damp after washing. The fact is that if drops of water or strong jets of steam hit the silk fabric, stains and streaks remain. Therefore, it is not recommended to wet clothes during ironing.

Step 3

It is undesirable to iron silk clothes with steaming. Hot steam can deform the fabric, and it can also change the color of the product.

Step 4

The iron should be preheated at the lowest temperature. Modern devices have a special silk mode. If you are not sure of the correct choice of temperature, you should try to run the iron in an inconspicuous place, for example, in the lower corner of the product. If it does deform, the defect will not be so noticeable.

Step 5

You need to iron products made of silk fabric from the wrong side. If the garment cannot be turned inside out or if the cut is too complex to iron the fabric from the inside, use gauze or soft, fine cotton fabric. Place the cheesecloth on top of the garment, smooth it out so that no wrinkles remain, and iron it gently.

Step 6

The seams on clothes during ironing can shine if you do not comply with all the necessary requirements. To return the clothes to their original appearance, you should wet them again completely, dry them in natural conditions and then iron them at a lower temperature.

Step 7

Special care is required for the so-called "wild silk" - tussa, the fibers of which are intertwined somewhat differently than ordinary silk. You need to iron such material dry and always from the wrong side.

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