How To Rip Jeans

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How To Rip Jeans
How To Rip Jeans

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Haute couture ripped jeans are expensive, and brick-and-mortar stores are hard to find what will work and please. Meanwhile, the fashion for such jeans does not pass. Do not despair, you can tear jeans beautifully and with high quality with your own hands at home. The main thing in this business is to show creativity and accuracy.

How to rip jeans
How to rip jeans

It is necessary

A pencil or a bar of soap, a stationery knife with a new blade, a piece of plywood or a board


Step 1

Place your jeans on a flat surface (table, floor, ironing board).

Step 2

Mark with a pencil the locations of the future cuts. The distance between them depends on your desire. You can make only 1-2 cuts on each leg (usually they are made in the area of ​​the knees and hips), or you can make several in a row almost closely and almost the entire width of the leg (such cuts are more like natural ripped ones). On the knees, you can generally cut through narrow rectangles. You must decide in advance what effect you want to get from the "holes" an element of sexuality, shocking or daring challenge.

Step 3

After threading a board or plywood through the leg, place it under the designated cuts (so as not to cut through the other half of the leg).

Step 4

Take a clerical knife and make cuts along the marked lines. Remove some of the longitudinal threads so that the cross threads are free. You can give the "shaggy" to the cuts what you think is the most acceptable.

Step 5

To enhance the "worn-out" effect, and at the same time remove all unnecessary threads, spin the jeans in the washing machine. At the same time, turn them inside out and place them in a special mesh bag for washing. This will protect the jeans too - will prevent the car from tearing them completely, and will save the car - the filter will not clog with fine threads.

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