How To Choose A Fur Coat In Greece

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How To Choose A Fur Coat In Greece
How To Choose A Fur Coat In Greece

Shopping tours to Greece, the purpose of which is to buy fur products, have become quite popular. This is a lucrative business of tour operators and local guides who have their own percentage - a mark-up on each product purchased. Many experienced buyers advise not to use such services, but to travel like an ordinary tourist, buy and choose a fur coat in Greece on your own.

How to choose a fur coat in Greece
How to choose a fur coat in Greece


Step 1

Refuse offers from the host to accompany you for shopping in popular places such as Kallikratia or Kastoria, where most of the Russian tourists shop. Here you will overpay 500-800 euros, since the price of products includes the commission of tour operators. Better to choose to buy a fur coat Thessaloniki or the town of Paralia Katerinis, located 65 kilometers to the south.

Step 2

Greece does not produce raw materials for fur products, but buys them at auctions in Canada and Europe. Therefore, a very cheap fur coat offered to you in a Greek store may turn out to be made in China - and not of very high quality.

Step 3

It does not matter whether the product is sewn "in dissolution" or "in plates". Both are solid fur. Pay attention to its quality. Fur of a high category - with a dense and uniform undercoat. In the female, the undercoat and guard hair are at the same level, in males - the guard hair is slightly higher. The female's fur looks more attractive, but such a coat will cost a little more, since the backs of the females are narrower and more of them are required to sew one product than the skins of the males.

Step 4

Consider the product from the inside out, the flesh should be clean, almost white, soft, elastic. There should be no inserts and stitches, including neither on the cuffs, nor under the collar and on the hem. Carefully inspect the seams in the armhole area and on the shoulders - they bear the greatest load when worn. The quality of the fur in these places should be high, and the seams should be even and strong.

Step 5

A high-quality fur coat from the side of the flesh from the shoulders to the waist should be reinforced with a cord - a translucent dense silk fabric sewn by hand. This allows you to maintain the shape of the product and prevent deformation of the skin. If the cord is sewn - buy the chosen fur coat - it will serve you for a long time.

Step 6

Do not hesitate to bargain, feel free to discount the price by 50% of the one indicated on the tag. Speak English as it has become a tradition to inflate prices for Russian buyers. It is profitable to purchase several fur coats - already on the second one you will receive a 25% discount.