How To Tie A Pareo

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How To Tie A Pareo
How To Tie A Pareo

Video: How To Tie A Pareo

Video: How To Tie A Pareo
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A large headscarf that is wrapped around the body and worn mainly on the beach is called a pareo. The fabric is usually chosen bright, textured, with an expressive pattern. You can tie a pareo around the hips, chest, throw it over the shoulders, and fasten it at the waist.

How to tie a pareo
How to tie a pareo


Step 1

Tie a scarf over your chest. This is the most common way of tying a pareo - the fabric is folded in half or so that the width of the scarf is equal to the desired length of the cape. The knot is fixed in front, above the chest. If the ends of the scarf turned out to be long, then they can be twisted and thrown around the neck, tied in a knot at the back of the head.

Step 2

Wrap a large pareo around your chest, tie one free end and a piece of fabric that matches the length, while leaving the other end of the scarf free. Throw it over your back, pull it over your shoulder and secure to the front knot.

Step 3

Make a top out of pareos. Take the scarf by the two ends, tie them around your neck. Pull the lower ends along the waist and tie at the lower back - you get an original top with an open back. Roll the pareo into a small roll, cover your chest, and tie it in a knot at the back. The second option for fixing such a model is that you make a knot from the bottom under the chest, and throw both ends over your shoulder, tying from above. A pareo bustier can replace the top of a swimsuit on the beach - fold the scarf in half so that there are two triangles opposite the fold, twist the ends and tie a knot on the back. Throw the remaining flaps over your shoulders and secure at the edges of the triangles.

Step 4

Pareos and pants. The easiest way is to make harem pants from two identical scarves - you tie one on the thighs, while fixing the lower ends on the ankle of one leg. Tie the second scarf over the first and secure in the same way.

Step 5

Only brave girls can make pants out of pareos that resemble aboriginal attire - they look very funny. Tie a pareo at the waist, push the lower ends between the legs and fasten it to the knot in the front. Pass the remaining fabric between the legs again and fasten at the back at the waist.

Step 6

Pareo swimsuit. A square piece of fabric makes a great swimsuit - an option for an emergency. Tie the two ends around the neck, pass the fabric between the legs and, covering the buttocks, fasten the free ends at the waist in front.

Step 7

The opposite option - fasten the pareo on the front of the chest, pass it through the legs and fix the ends on the lower back. Don't forget to make the knots nice - spread the fabric with your hands and shape them.