How To Wash A Pen

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How To Wash A Pen
How To Wash A Pen

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Feather and feather products are gradually becoming a thing of the past. They are being replaced by new high-tech materials that are devoid of the main drawback of feather pillows - they do not cause allergies. But no one will dispute that it is very comfortable to sleep under a duvet: it is light, perfectly keeps the normal temperature, without overheating or overcooling the body. In washing, a feather requires more delicacy than a synthetic winterizer or holofiber.

Delicate handling of the pen will guarantee its long service life
Delicate handling of the pen will guarantee its long service life


Step 1

To wash the pen, you must first sew the pouches for it. Fold the cheesecloth in two layers, cut out the bags according to the size of the pillowcase. Sew the bags, leaving twenty centimeters unstitched.

Step 2

Gently rip apart the pillows from one corner and, without spilling the fluff, sew the ripped edges of the pillow to the unsewn edges of the bag. Now the down and feather can be poured, without the risk of making a "snowfall" from the scattered feathers. Carefully open the last seam and sew the bags.

Step 3

Dilute the detergent in two containers, preferably liquid. It washes the nib easier and faster. Add disinfectant to the wash water. It can be oxygen bleach, but not whiteness and chlorine bleaches. Immerse the bag with a feather in a container and start washing, avoiding twisting and wringing. Then rinse in several waters. The last water should be cold.

Step 4

Hang the bags from one side of the clothesline and then the other in the shade. Loosen the feather regularly. When it dries, you need to transfer the bags to the sun and also loosen regularly so that each feather fluffs up.

Step 5

The napernik is machine washed as usual. After drying, it is rubbed from the inside with a candle and ironed. The dried bag with a feather is again opened, sewn to the napkin and its contents are poured over. The pillow is sewn up. Now you can put on your pillowcase and fall asleep with pleasure.

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