How To Wear Rings In

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How To Wear Rings In
How To Wear Rings In

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Rings are the most popular female jewelry. Almost everyone wears silver or gold, simple or expensive rings. But few people know that on which finger the ring is worn, perhaps your luck and your well-being depends. This is what astrologers say.

How to wear rings
How to wear rings


Step 1

Thumb ring

Astrologers claim that the thumb corresponds to the planet Mars. Mars is a cruel and hot-tempered god of war in ancient Greek mythology. Wearing rings on the thumb can be recommended for people prone to uncontrollable outbursts of anger, impulsive and emotional. The ring will smooth out, restrain the violent and not always safe energy of Mars, control its temperament. It is best if the rings are made of copper.

Step 2

Index finger ring

This finger is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is the head of the ancient pantheon, the formidable ruler of people and gods. If you wear a ring on this finger, you will gradually become more confident in yourself and your strengths, you will become more determined. A ring worn on the index finger will help you to believe in yourself and the strength of your personality and bring good luck in business. Wear a gold ring.

Step 3

Ring on the middle finger

This finger is ruled by the planet Saturn. Saturn influences the fate of people, it is a very powerful planet. It is best to wear a family ring on your middle finger, which was inherited or passed on by one of your older relatives. The power of Saturn and the ancient family ring seems to merge together, making you stronger and helping to overcome difficulties. For those engaged in deep self-study and meditation, this ring will help you get to the heart of things. The preferred metal is iron.

Step 4

Ring finger

The ring finger is associated with the power of the Sun, and therefore requires a gold ring. The gold ring on the ring finger helps to achieve fame and fame, as well as wealth. The spouses also wear a gold ring on this finger, the noble metal emphasizes the strength of the marriage bonds and strengthens them.

Step 5

Pinky ring

The smallest finger is dedicated to Mercury, the smallest planet. However, Mercury is the patron saint of merchants, travelers and thieves. The ring on this finger helps to be more eloquent, to win the attention of people and to win them over to you.

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