How To Stretch Pants

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How To Stretch Pants
How To Stretch Pants

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Our wardrobe usually contains at least one trousers. But it is better if there are several of them. All the pleasure of wearing this beloved and comfortable thing disappears at the very moment when they become cramped. How do you stretch your pants?

How to stretch pants
How to stretch pants


Step 1

To solve this problem, first find out why they became cramped, evaluate what you have, decide what you want to achieve, and only then proceed to fix the problem.

Step 2

The most common reasons for a decrease in the size of trousers: shrinkage of the fabric after washing, an increase in body volume, the thing was bought in a hurry or in order to lose weight. At this stage, determine the composition of the fabric, based on it, think about whether this fabric can stretch more than it is. If it is jeans, leather pants or trousers made of stretchy fabrics, then feel free to get to work.

Step 3

After assessing the situation, think about how much you want to stretch the pants: just to zip up the fly, so you can sit down, or to feel comfortable in well-fitting pants.

Step 4

Many manufacturers advise walking around in wet trousers so that they stretch a little. So get your pants wet, put them on, and walk around in them at home for a while.

Step 5

If you want to stretch your leather pants, use soapy water, cologne, or special products to stretch the leather, and then apply glycerin to the pants to shine like new.

Step 6

Are your pants not buttoned up on you? Then ask a slimmer friend to wear them for a while. Often times, trousers will stretch as they are worn.

Step 7

They say that at the end of the day, our bodies become larger, just like after eating. Try to put on your trousers in the morning and wear them for a while, it is quite possible that in a few days they will become a little larger.

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