How To Choose Compression Tights

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How To Choose Compression Tights
How To Choose Compression Tights

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Compression knitwear is called a knitted fabric that exerts a certain pressure on the surface of the upper or lower extremities. However, in order for its use to be as effective as possible, it must be selected correctly.

How to choose compression tights
How to choose compression tights


Step 1

Consult with a phlebologist who, depending on the presence of pathologies and the degree of the disease, will prescribe the appropriate class of products. It should be noted that, like other compression products, tights can have both therapeutic and prophylactic effects. So, if you feel heaviness in your legs, you often have swelling, you are pregnant or you have varicose veins at the initial stage - you will need preventive-type tights, the compression in which is from 18 to 21 millimeters of mercury. While compression tights 2-4 classes are medicinal, and their compression can reach over 49 millimeters of mercury.

Step 2

Buy compression tights only at the pharmacy. In doing so, pay attention to the warranty period for this product. So, if the product is of high quality, then this period should not be from six months to 10 months. In addition, a very important detail is that compression tights (as well as stockings and knee-highs) should be knitted only using seamless technology.

Step 3

It is also worth noting that in medical knitwear, the elastic thread has a double braid, made with natural, for example, rubber or cotton, or synthetic threads. If you are pregnant, then you should undoubtedly stop your choice only on natural materials.

Step 4

The most important characteristic of any compression product and a guarantee of its safety and effectiveness is the standard, which is marked on the packaging as RAL (in some cases, the Quality mark RAL or RAL-GZ 387 may be written). Do not buy tights that do not bear the mark of this standard, since it is its standards that regulate the composition and strength of the material and indicate that the product has been tested.

Step 5

Pay attention to whether there is an inscription Oko-Tex Standard 100 on the packaging of tights. This standard is no less strict than the previous one, and indicates that the products are made exclusively from those materials that are environmentally completely compatible with the human body and do not contain any hazardous substances.

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