How To Wear Tights

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How To Wear Tights
How To Wear Tights

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Previously, tights were worn solely for practical reasons. There were very few colors to choose from, in addition, these tights were not very comfortable for everyday wear. Nowadays, the choice of tights is unusually wide, which allows any girl or woman to choose tights that match in color, thickness, texture and design. Check out this instruction. She will answer your questions about wearing tights.

Fishnet tights have no place in the office, but at a party in them you will be irresistible
Fishnet tights have no place in the office, but at a party in them you will be irresistible


Step 1

Tights can be worn at work, outdoors, in public places. If you just want to give a different color to your legs, tights will help you with this. And if you haven't shaved your legs in the morning, tights will hide it.

Step 2

Pantyhose tights are different. Therefore, different models should be worn differently. Take the patterned tights. Having put on such tights on your feet in the morning, try to choose simple clothes, unsaturated with small details, for them. Detailed things against the background of patterned tights will look too pretentious. But clothes that have a similar detailing with a pattern of tights will look great on you. It makes no sense to put on such tights under trousers, because the pattern is hidden. But to wear them with dresses is the very thing.

Step 3

Tights, as well as stockings with a seam running from top to bottom along the leg, slim legs and look very sexy. However, seamed pantyhose are not as popular as they were in the days when seamless pantyhose did not exist. You do not need to constantly monitor whether the seam has moved out, as well as to correct it. It is enough to do this just once before leaving the apartment. This type of tights is great with dark and bodycon dresses and skirts, as well as high heels.

Step 4

Colored tights are just a godsend for young people who are trying to emphasize their individuality with some kind of “non-standard” color for tights, such as yellow, orange, red, blue or even purple. Although many mature women are also not averse to trying on colored tights. The disadvantage of such tights is the need for careful planning of clothes for tights. Not a single fashionista wants to look like a motley chicken in public. The best option is when the color of the tights matches the color of the shoes. Clothes and shoes may not match in color, but they should be harmoniously combined with each other in a single color scheme.

Step 5

Many ladies are interested in whether to wear underwear under tights. In fact, it all depends on addictions and habits. Some women prefer not to wear panties under tights, because most models include a cotton insert, which saves beautiful ladies from having to wear underwear. But other women simply cannot help but wear panties, because without this thing they feel indecently dressed. Therefore, whether you wear panties under tights or not is up to you.

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