How To Distinguish A Fake Perfume

How To Distinguish A Fake Perfume
How To Distinguish A Fake Perfume

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To avoid an unpleasant story when buying eau de toilette or perfume, you should know exactly how you can distinguish a real perfume from a fake.

How to distinguish a fake perfume
How to distinguish a fake perfume
  • It is necessary to purchase perfumes from specialized stores that have a good reputation and the ability to recognize their scent.
  • Packaging for toilet water should be made of thick and high-quality cardboard. And the inscriptions on it are well-printed. If the packaging is wrapped in cellophane, it is important to check if it fits well the box, and then look at the seams - they should be neat and even. The packaging must have a barcode.
  • Manufacturer details: “Made in France” in English or French must be indicated on the packaging. However, you should not buy perfume if “France” is indicated instead of the inscription “Made in France” - the origin of this eau de toilette is very doubtful. The percentage of alcohol must be written on the box.
  • Some believe that a cellophane shell, which is a must-have indicator of a branded perfume, will help to distinguish a fake perfume. In reality, this is not the case. Most companies do not specifically pack perfume cases so that the consumer can appreciate the high printing quality of the packaging and the amazing design. In order to protect their products from counterfeiting, famous companies specially order original and expensive bottles made of high-quality glass or crystal. The more surprising the bottle, the more difficult it is to make a copy.
  • When buying, you need to consider a bottle of perfume. Self-respecting companies do not allow the sale of perfumes in a defective bottle - an uneven surface with balloons in the glass. Both on the packaging and on the bottle of perfume, the capacity of the toilet water (in milliliters) must be indicated.
  • A certain guarantee of the quality of eau de toilette and perfume is given by the certificate of conformity. It must be present where the eau de parfum is sold, and you have every right to demand it. If your request is denied, then you have every reason to doubt the authenticity of the presented perfumery products.
  • In addition, the annotation attached to the perfume will help to distinguish a fake perfume. If it is absent, then the certificate must contain a detailed description of the quality of this product.

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