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The history of the company began in 1932 in a small German town from a factory for sewing work clothes. And only in the 1950s there was an enchanting success with Mustang Jeans, imbued with the spirit of the Wild West, but created for the European market. Now the brand produces not only jeans and denim clothes, but also underwear, accessories, shoes, and perfume.


Brand: Mustang

Russian name: Mustang

Goods: Clothes. Accessories

Country of origin: Germany

Official site:

Official Facebook

Online Stores

Name Internet address Telephone (495) 981-42-02
Otto (495) 755-95-81 (495)363-39-75

Shops in Moscow

Address Metro Telephone
Moscow, st. Krzhizhanovskogo, 23, building 1 Trade union (499) 124-74-21
Moscow, Leninsky prospect, 137, building 1 Southwest (495) 931-91-90
Moscow, Dmitrovskoe sh., 131, building 1 Altufevo (495) 483-24-72
Moscow, st. Baikalskaya, 42/14 Shchelkovskaya (495) 466-39-90
Moscow, st. Running, 4 Jogging (495) 945-24-78
Moscow, Dmitrovskoe sh., 9, p. 3 Timiryazevskaya (495) 223-23-50
Moscow, Donskoy 2nd pr-d, 10, bldg. 3 Leninsky Prospect (495) 955-16-84

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