How To Put Yourself In Order In 1 Day

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How To Put Yourself In Order In 1 Day
How To Put Yourself In Order In 1 Day

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There is still a day ahead of an important event, going to the theater, dating or meeting with classmates … And this day should be spent on preparing well, putting yourself in order, unless, of course, you want to lose face with an unkempt appearance.

How to put yourself in order in 1 day
How to put yourself in order in 1 day


Step 1

First of all, relax, relieve tension, take a break from everyday worries. Take a shower or soak in a hot bath - this will not only refresh your body, but also remove emotional stress. It is great if the shower has a massaging mode of water supply. Rub your body with a very hard loofah with a foamy scent gel. By the way, the gel should be toning to give you a burst of energy. The ideal option is to complete the water procedures with a contrast shower, alternating cold and warm water. Rub yourself with a fluffy terrycloth towel.

Step 2

Hair is one of the main indicators of the general condition of the body. Stress and fatigue lead to dull hair. During the day that you have to prepare, you may well freshen them up and even return live shine to the curls. Use a mask, good shampoo, conditioner balm. Remember folk recipes, they are beneficial for hair like no others. For example, an express mask for shine from a coffee broth. Brew 3 tsp. natural ground coffee in a glass of boiling water. Let cool slightly and you can immerse your hair in this broth or apply it to your head. Shine and softness of the hair will add ordinary lemon juice, which is mixed with water in a ratio of 1 tbsp. juice per liter of water. Or simply give your head a contrast shower by holding your hair under running cold running water after the hot steam. Try to let the jet massage the scalp as well. Until the evening, you can have time to do a natural styling by winding wet strands on bobbin curlers, boomerangs or Velcro. Do not forget to use a styling agent before twisting.

Step 3

Manicure is a rather long procedure. If you haven't taken care of this beforehand, do your nails right after the bath. The hands will be steamed and prepared for the trimmed manicure. It remains only to give the nails a suitable shape and varnish them. Remember to moisturize your hands with cream.

Step 4

You cannot prepare for important events on an empty stomach. The desire to lose extra pounds in a short period of time is quite understandable, but one day is definitely not enough for this. Yogurt, cottage cheese, cornflakes, a glass of milk or kefir, nuts and dried fruits will help to slightly tighten the stomach, maintain lightness. You can afford a couple of pieces of dark chocolate, which can easily cope with bad mood and fatigue.

Step 5

Refresh your face and neck with any natural vegetable or fruit juice or green tea. Indulge in a light toning mask, either ready-made or made from any natural product. For example, mix sour cream with cottage cheese or honey with lemon juice and 1 yolk. Place a grated cucumber or raw potato on your eyelids. Just 20-30 minutes and the skin is fresh and ready for makeup. Apply a moisturizing day cream. A light facial massage with your fingertips will enhance the nourishing effect of the cream.

Step 6

Good evening makeup is always done on the foundation. Foundation, correctors, concealers will hide imperfections, even out the color. Powder will help get rid of the shine of the face. And don't forget a little blush for a nice outline. Start your eye makeup with eyeliner, then apply eyeshadow and color on your eyelashes. Ditch the pink or purple shades of eye shadow and pencil - this will only accentuate the redness of tired eyes. If you urgently put yourself in order, then it is better to transfer the accent to the lips - this will divert attention from the eyes. Apply lipstick with a brush, previously tracing the lips along the contour with a hard pencil.

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