How To Remove Belly With Massage

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How To Remove Belly With Massage
How To Remove Belly With Massage

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Massage takes one of the first places among the methods aimed at eliminating excess fat from the abdomen. To carry it out, it is not necessary to seek the help of a professional masseuse. You can easily master the simple techniques yourself and use them at home.

How to remove belly with massage
How to remove belly with massage


Step 1

Clean your skin first and preheat. To do this, take a special brush or massage mitt. Massage your abdomen in a circular motion towards your heart for about five minutes. The skin should be slightly reddened. Then take a contrast shower.

Step 2

Now you can go directly to the massage. Your hands should be warmed up. Use body cream or vegetable oil for treatments. Replacement with dry talc is possible. Rub in the direction of the heart muscle. Avoid using force when massaging your abdomen. For the best effect, clench your fingers into a fist and massage with protruding knuckles.

Step 3

Massage with a straightened palm with fingers straightened and folded together is no less effective. Don't press too hard on your stomach.

Step 4

Take a fold of skin in the clip and move it along the body in a wave. Mild painful sensations are possible.

Step 5

Mix 2 teaspoons of natural honey with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Apply honey to your palms and pat them all over your belly. In this case, the honey will begin to thicken and stick to the skin of the palms and abdomen. This creates a vacuum effect. During the procedure, you will notice the formation of white discharge from the pores. They say that this is how slags come out. In this case, cleanse your skin with warm water and continue with your honey massage. Do it for about a quarter of an hour. It is believed that honey abdominal massage is very effective. It will be great if you take a relaxing warm shower after it ends.

Step 6

During any type of massage, try to do either stroking or exertion. To enhance the positive effect of the massage, use creams with the addition of herbs and essential oils. The most effective of them are grapefruit, orange, lemon, mint, chamomile, horsetail oil. After applying the oil to the abdominal area, continue massage until it is completely absorbed into the skin. This session can take up to 30 minutes.

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