How To Get A Beautiful Tan In A Solarium

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How To Get A Beautiful Tan In A Solarium
How To Get A Beautiful Tan In A Solarium

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Not all of us have the opportunity to constantly go to sea to get a beautiful tan. Therefore, tanning salons have come to the rescue for a long time, capable of producing radiation similar to the sun, causing skin pigmentation.

How to get a beautiful tan in a solarium
How to get a beautiful tan in a solarium


Step 1

Before visiting the tanning salon, find out how long ago the lamps were replaced. If the lamps are new, then reduce the visiting time.

Step 2

Expect to visit the solarium in courses of 10-12 procedures every other day. Visit the solarium no more than 50-60 times a year.

Step 3

Spend minimal time in the solarium for the first time. Then gradually increase the duration of the session, but be sure to consider your skin type.

Step 4

A good salon will certainly offer you personalized protection for your hair and intimate areas of the body. Take advantage of them when visiting the solarium. Be sure to wear glasses. Women over thirty should cover their breasts.

Step 5

Remove makeup from your skin. Conventional make-up contains UV filters that protect the skin from the sun. Makeup will prevent you from getting a good tan and can be irritating. Treat your lips with hygienic lipstick so as not to dry them out.

Step 6

Do not use perfume or deodorants before going to the tanning bed to avoid allergies.

Step 7

Remove jewelry before starting a session. If you wear contact lenses, remove them too.

Step 8

Do not plan any other beauty treatments on the day of your visit to the solarium. Especially traumatic, such as peeling or epilation, bathing. This is too much stress for the skin and the body.

Step 9

Use cosmetics specifically designed for tanning in tanning beds. Follow with moisturizers and lotions. You can also use tanning agents.

Step 10

Never visit a tanning bed two days in a row. Avoid exposure to the sun on the day you visit the tanning salon.

Step 11

If you are prescribed any medication, read the instructions carefully. Some medications can cause allergies or hyperpigmentation.

Step 12

If you are thinking of getting a tan using a tanning bed, be sure to visit a dermatologist beforehand.

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