How To Use The "Body Sculptor" Massager

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How To Use The "Body Sculptor" Massager
How To Use The "Body Sculptor" Massager

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Having chosen the necessary nozzle, you need to install it on the device, turn on the device to the network and press the "ON / ON" button. Then bring the device to the problem area of ​​the body and start a massage session.

girl massages her thighs with a massager
girl massages her thighs with a massager

The Body Sculptor massager is a vibration mechanism designed to deeply affect subcutaneous fat. Due to the vibrations it creates, muscles are toned, blood circulation and metabolism are improved, excess fluid and fat are removed.

Types of attachments

Depending on which area is to be massaged and what effect is expected to be obtained, you can choose one of the 4 attachments that come with the device. The nozzle, equipped with massage balls, is designed to fully affect areas with excessive fatty layer. The manufacturer recommends using such a nozzle in combination with creams and oils designed to combat the "orange peel". Together with the anti-cellulite effect of massage, the processes of splitting the fatty layer and restoring metabolism will be accelerated.

A smooth nozzle is best for the neck and back, although the developer claims it can be used for the entire body. Such a nozzle has the most delicate effect on the treated areas, relaxing and improving well-being. The cloth attachment can be put on over any chosen attachment: it will soften the effect of the massager and deliver the most delicate sensations. As for the wave nozzle, it is universal.

How to use

Having chosen a suitable nozzle and installed it on the device, it must be plugged into the network through an ordinary outlet. Pressing the "ON / ON" button on the device, start the rotational speed regulator and bring the device with the attachment to the area of ​​the body that you plan to massage. You should not put too much pressure on the device with your hand, but a light touch will not be enough to work out the problem area. The massage should be quite sensitive, but not painful and unpleasant. After 15-20 minutes of working through one zone, you can move on to another, if necessary, changing the nozzle.

The instructions say that the design of the device takes into account the ingress of long hair, that is, when using the "Body Sculptor" you can not be afraid that they will get tangled. However, when massaging the collar zone, it is worth pinning the hair up. As already mentioned, you can enhance the effect of the massager with the help of creams and gels for fat burning, but you need to take care that no water gets into the device, and you also should not take the handle with wet hands. Do not expect magical results from the massager. To really lose a couple of extra pounds, you need to revise your diet and start playing sports.

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