What Oil To Use For Massage

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What Oil To Use For Massage
What Oil To Use For Massage

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The effect of the massage increases with the use of oils. The combination of plant base oils and properly selected essential oils allows you to get a lot of extra pleasure during the massage.



Step 1

First of all, it is very important to choose the right base oil. For example, olive oil is very good for massage, but not all people like its smell. Avocado oil has a pleasant fruity aroma, so it is suitable for lovers of subtle scents. Peach seed oil is great for those with sensitive skin. Grape seed oil is best for people with oily skin and those who don't like the feeling of oil on their body. Mustard oil should not be used for white-skinned people, as it can stain the skin a little, but it perfectly "renews" the tan, making it visually healthier. You can even take sunflower or corn oil as a base oil, if you don't have anything else at hand. Most base oils themselves have a range of nutritional and healing properties that can be enhanced by adding scent essential oils.

Step 2

Before mixing oils, wash and dry your hands well. Use bowls and bottles made from natural materials, they must be dry and clean. Pour about two teaspoons of your chosen base oil into a suitable bowl, then add your chosen essential oils. You only need five drops of essential oil for two teaspoons, you can use different scents (no more than four per base), creating a harmonious complex mixture.

Step 3

Feel free to experiment with different base oils, try mixing them for interesting combinations of properties and scents. Stir the mixture of base and essential oils with a toothpick or cocktail stick, do not use metal spoons for this purpose.

Step 4

Rub the mixture in the palms of your hands to warm it up. This will allow the scent to fully unfold. If you don't like the result, please make changes. It is best to write down what exactly and in what quantities you use to obtain a particular mixture, this will allow you to repeat the combinations you like most in the future.

Step 5

There are many proven recipes for such mixtures. For example, to relax and relieve stress, you can use a mix of essential oils of bergamot, sage, rosewood, lavender, a variety of citrus or sandalwood. Any base vegetable oil of your choice can be used as a base. Of course, you shouldn't mix all of the listed essential oils in one mixture.

Step 6

For toning massage, you can use essential oils of cypress, fennel, ginger, eucalyptus, jasmine, grapefruit, juniper, nutmeg, tea tree, mint. With these scents, you can create the perfect blend that will give strength and drive away depression.

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