How To Peel Off Rhinestones

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How To Peel Off Rhinestones
How To Peel Off Rhinestones

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It often happens that a thing you like in a store is good for everyone, except for the decoration, for example, it has an excessive amount of rhinestones, in which case it makes sense to remove these rhinestones. This is by no means an easy matter. Novice seamstresses will also need our advice, because it happens that the decor falls into the wrong place and it also has to be removed.

How to peel off rhinestones
How to peel off rhinestones


Step 1

There is no way to remove rhinestones without a trace. As a rule, a trace of the glue base remains from the rhinestones. If thermo-rhinestones are used on the clothes, then the option of the following removal is possible. It is necessary to purchase a special soldering iron for rhinestones and heat it to the melting point of the glue. Then gently heat the crystal while melting the glue base, and gently remove the rhinestone with tweezers. In no case, do not take the crystal with your hands, as a severe burn is guaranteed. This option for removing rhinestones has a significant disadvantage, which is that the glue will still remain on the clothes, leaving an unwanted mark. This method can be used in case of replacement of the crystal. This usually happens if the rhinestone is dull, cracked and needs to be replaced with a more attractive one, or there is a need to change the color of the finish.

Step 2

Use white spirit. Apply the liquid to the wrong side of the fabric exactly where the rhinestone is attached. Wait no more than a minute and carefully peel off the crystal. Note! Be sure to test the fabric for solvent resistance. White spirit is aggressive, you can try gasoline from Zippo lighters (only original quality).

Step 3

Try heating the garment glue that holds the rhinestones with a hot iron. Do this also from the wrong side and use gauze and a thin cloth to avoid burning the garment. The glue hardens quickly, so snap off the rhinestones, heat up and snap off again.

Step 4

A cold source can be used as opposed to a hot iron. For example, put the product in the freezer for 30 minutes, and then use a sharp object to remove the rhinestones. If they do not give in the first time, then the method is not suitable. Only resinous glue is destroyed from frost, it is used in low-quality Chinese crystals.

Step 5

Glue stains can be removed with professional cleaning agents. Experimenting at home is not recommended - take your clothes dry-cleaned.

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