How To Bleach Hair With Peroxide

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How To Bleach Hair With Peroxide
How To Bleach Hair With Peroxide

Video: How To Bleach Hair With Peroxide

Video: How To Bleach Hair With Peroxide
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For some women, the question of how to lighten the hair on the hands is quite relevant and important today. Hydrogen peroxide is a harmless and effective remedy that can make your hair lighter and more invisible.

How to bleach hair with peroxide
How to bleach hair with peroxide


Step 1

Before bleaching with hydrogen peroxide, try not to wet or wash your hair for 24 hours. It is important that the natural layer of oil protects the skin and hair from this remedy.

Step 2

Buy 30% hydrogen peroxide from the pharmacy and dilute it with plain warm water in a 1: 1 ratio. Be extremely careful when handling this solution as it is very concentrated. Also, do not use metal utensils to dilute hydrogen peroxide, as there is a risk of an unwanted chemical reaction when oxygen and metal combine.

Step 3

In a regular china cup, mix 50 ml of diluted hydrogen peroxide, 10 ml of ammonia, and ½ teaspoon of baking soda.

Step 4

The amount of hydrogen peroxide taken depends on the structure and color of your hair. If they are thin, prepare a less concentrated solution, but if they are thick and strong, make a solution of a higher concentration.

Step 5

Before lightening the hair on your hands, test the solution for sensitivity of your skin to it. To do this, apply a drop of this mixture to the skin in the area of the bend of the elbow from the inside and wait 5-10 minutes. If after this procedure no redness appears on the skin, you can safely proceed to the lightening procedure.

Step 6

Using a cotton swab, gently lubricate your hair with this mixture, and you do not need to rub the product into the skin. Leave it on for 40-60 minutes and wash off with warm water.

Step 7

After treatment with hydrogen peroxide, you may feel a slight burning sensation. Do not be alarmed, in a few minutes everything will pass. Lubricate your hands with regular baby cream.

Step 8

After lightening the hair on the hands with hydrogen peroxide, they become soft, thin and almost invisible.

Step 9

If you have an allergic reaction to such solutions, refuse this method of clarification, because health is still more expensive.