How To Hide A Long Nose

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How To Hide A Long Nose
How To Hide A Long Nose

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Only a small part of the female population of the world is satisfied with their own appearance, and especially the shape of their nose. Many women are worried that their nose seems too long. Not every woman is able to decide on an expensive plastic surgery to correct its shape. Most try to disguise their long nose with cosmetics or hairstyles.

A long nose can be easily hidden with hair and makeup
A long nose can be easily hidden with hair and makeup


Step 1

Balanced facial features as a whole are capable of pronounced round or curved eyebrows.

Step 2

To hide the imperfections of a long nose, you can use foundation or powder in several shades. To do this, apply a powder or cream a couple of tones darker than the main background of the face to the nasal septum between the nostrils, to the very tip of the nose.

Step 3

To mask a long nose, apply light powder or foundation on the bridge of the nose. The transition from the light tone of the bridge of the nose to the dark tip must be made smooth. To do this, it is advisable to use a special sponge for applying the foundation.

Step 4

If the nose is not only long, but also wide, dark powder applied to the sides and base of the nose will help to correct this combination.

Step 5

It is undesirable for girls with long noses to wear symmetrical and smooth hairstyles, as well as comb their hair back.

Step 6

You can hide a long nose with a hairstyle with hair combed on the cheeks.

Step 7

In addition, hairstyles, the main lines of which go to the back of the head, can visually reduce the length of the nose.

Step 8

Owners of a long nose should either wear bangs that can visually shorten the nose, or abandon it altogether. As a rule, bangs cover the forehead, thereby reducing the open part of the face, and therefore, highlighting the long nose. To hide a long nose, women can wear oblique, short, torn, asymmetrical bangs, as well as tucked away on the side.

Step 9

Correctly selected makeup and hairstyle can not only hide a long nose, but also make its owner the most charming and attractive.

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