How To Strengthen Nails And Hair

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How To Strengthen Nails And Hair
How To Strengthen Nails And Hair

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Recently, the problem of strengthening hair and nails has become especially urgent. Well-groomed hands and head are a sign of a healthy and successful woman, and therefore require special attention. Otherwise, the hair begins to break, becomes dry or oily, dandruff may appear, and the nails begin to exfoliate, the nail plate becomes brittle.

How to strengthen nails and hair
How to strengthen nails and hair


Step 1

The nail strengthening program includes several stages. First of all, prevention is necessary - this is a minimum of contact with water, various detergents, powders and other chemicals, which implies working with gloves and preliminary lubrication of the skin of the hands and nails with glycerin or fatty cream.

Step 2

Secondly - the intake of trace elements, vitamins, calcium, preferably in combination with vitamin D. These substances are found in dairy products, almonds, figs, dates. Also useful will be red meat and fish (they are rich in iron), carrot juice (it contains provitamin A). Experts also recommend using medical gelatin for a month (approximate daily dose - 5 g), and then repeat the course after 30 days.

Step 3

The third, the main stage of nail strengthening is their nutrition with special oils, the use of a therapeutic cuticle cream. But do not forget - oils are applied along the contour of the nail, and cuticle products are rubbed into its base.

Step 4

Fourth, the correct manicure. It is better to replace metal nail files with more gentle teflon-coated files. Nail polish removers should not contain acetone. Do not forget that your nails also need rest, so it is always harmful to cover them with varnish. Periodically, it is better to replace colored varnish with a colorless medicinal one containing calcium for brittle nails and fruit acids for exfoliating.

Step 5

There are also a number of rules that will help strengthen hair, make it healthy and strong.

First, it should be noted that the condition of the hair depends on the condition of the body, therefore, brittle and weak hair is the first sign that something is wrong with health. Most often, this indicates diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or endocrine diseases.

Step 6

The next step is to revise the diet: vitamins and trace elements important and necessary for hair are found in green peppers, broccoli, black currants, parsley, in addition, you must eat at least 400 grams of fruits and vegetables per day.

Step 7

Thirdly, the scalp should not be left unattended; it should be looked after using special means. You can not dry your skin and hair with a hairdryer, combing is best with a not very hard brush - sharp teeth leave microcracks on the hair, which leads to the section of the ends.

Step 8

Fourth, try not to abuse cigarettes (their smoke has a detrimental effect on hair growth) and alcohol (frequent use of it makes hair lifeless and dull).

Step 9

Various nourishing and healing masks will also help strengthen your hair. You can not only buy them in salons and pharmacies, but also make them yourself according to simple recipes. When choosing a mask, do not forget to take into account the characteristics of your skin and hair - for different types of masks are different.

Step 10

Remember that hair that is systematically given attention will always answer your concern.

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